Tuesday, June 14, 2011

what i'm doing...

i'm making a cradle mattress.

i found a product called NuFoam
at Jo-Ann's. it comes in all sizes and
thicknesses. they even have it in a kit
 for crib bumpers. anyway...i bought 2 inch
thick and doubled it. i had this amazing soft
sage - grey pillow ticking in my stash.
 i laundered it and started my first
 attempt at hand welting!

wrapped and pinned!

nice and tight!

hand welting, it's looking good!

finishing the ends...just like a perfectly
wrapped package!
(hmmmm, maybe i should have saved
this for Wednesday's wrap!)

a closer view of the end...the corner edges
still need to be tucked! i'll show you
the finished product tomorrow!

i apologize for the lighting and quality
of the photo's, but...i do most of my work
at dawn and dusk...(before and after work).
i just have to share the morning light today.
i love my dining room, even when it's in
decorating transition.  (it's time to take
the anniversary love letters off of the
chandie!) i'm off to work early.
i must stay ahead of the game to take
time off for the big arrival day!

[with sunny PacNWest morning love]

1 comment:

  1. Lovely mattress Lynne! You are doing a fantastic job...i love ticking material!!

    Pamela ox

    Love that chandy light...and all the love letters!