Thursday, July 14, 2011

whats up? major MOM fix!

the past two weeks have been super wonderful, 
crazy and a little out of control!

 well, i guess that's life (mostly), 
but when it rains,
it pours here on 34th street!
 luckily the rain of late has come complete 
with rainbows and the occasional pot of gold we are blessed!

you know that i became a grandmother 15 days
ago! my heart is still floating...

Holland Grace's first trip to church, and her Baptism
day...she was a perfect little angel in God's
house. (of course, her Grandee knew she would be perfect!)

i was fortunate to spend nine days with
"Holland", Chrislyn and Jason as she transitioned
into her new home!


this is not Jay's car...but i could not resist
this photo. it sort of gets the point across...(with out the
dog of course...HA!)

while all this was happening, my son Jay moved
home for two weeks. he has a break before
starting his new job.  of course, he came home
with STUFF.  we have a flat screen TV in our
dining room and he has taken over
 Chrislyn's old room. Jay
was much more organized this time. it's not
like the piles that plopped home during the 
college years.

at his new job, he has a clothing allowance, so
yesterday, i took the morning off and
we drove up to Brooks Brothers 
at the Seattle Premium Outlets to purchase
a couple new suits.

when we finished here,  Jay went
to seek some new shoes and
i did a little window shopping.

i just love that Elie Tahari is still hot!
when i was in my career days, before the arrival
of C & J, i would save and buy his amazing suits!

still great after all these years, Elie!

my window shopping ended as i arrived
at Restoration Hardware! i always have
to go in! look what i found! yes, my
weakness for French bread was fulfilled
with these amazing pillow covers. i'll 
be stuffing them and plopping them inside and out...
{they are a movable feast for the eyes!}


Jay dropped me off at the
packing for Boise begins!

*** all the chaos, mr d and i are almost
finished with the wine bar! 

Jay's shoes are lined up to the right...
not far from the big screen TV...
the glass runneth over and that's 
a good thing!

Salute, dear friends!

[with love}


  1. Your granddaughter is precious and I love her name! You are so blessed! her parent look very proud, too! Congratulations to all!

    You have been a busy bee! I enjoyed going shopping with you. The pillow covers are fabulous!

    Enjoy that new baby! :-)


  2. What fun!! Love your wine bar and congratulations on being a grandmother!
    Restoration Hardware is one of the neatest stores in the world! My oldest daughter LOVES to shop there!
    Enjoy the time with your family!!
    I enjoy 'following' you......

  3. Whoa! Tons of things going on over there for you :) First, your grand daughter is adorable (I think I have said it before, but I LOVE her name), and your daughter is gorgeous! Second, I am jealous your son gets a clothing allowance for work, that is a pretty sweet deal, and Brooks Brothers...nice! Best of luck with his new job! Lastly, the wine bar is looking fantastic! I want a glass of wine now :)

  4. Busy, busy, busy!!! Little Holland looks go rgeous and your daughter looks amazing! Love the wine bar and the Restoration Hardware pillowcases. Your son is pretty cute in his new suit too! Loads of love, Linda x