Wednesday, July 20, 2011

you are never to old to go to camp!

i found my favorite camp spot! 
~ here ~

at Pinecone Camp Janis has a gift shop!
~ here ~

last week, i received my souvenir... 
and i LOVE it! 

Janis is a lifestyle photographer.
her work is amazing. at Pinecone Camp 
she has a feature called "Baked".
 her recipes are beautifully
photographed and placed in a handmade
 fabric envelope for  purchase.

i have tucked her yummy pics around 
my kitchen and dining area.
 i used one photo recipe for my customary
Wednesday's wrap above!

photos from Pinecone Camp are
on my table this morning...

i'll be back for s'more!

[with love]


  1. Oh, that's so sweet! I'm so happy you like your recipe cards. Looking forward to seeing what you bake first! Have a great day. janis

  2. I adore Janis and her gorgeous blog. It's like delicious eye candy and I just can't get enough. And she's as sweet as her baking :)