Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alice couldn't make the trip to the Barn House...

my friend Alice's dog Brewski "got sick". 
 after visit to the vet, a whopping vet bill,
 Brewki's need to convalesce, 
and her hubby out of town, the notion of
leaving him overnight at his favorite kennel 
was out of the question. 

Al lives in a Chalet. her great room and 
kitchen are accented with the color red.  
sooooo...i decided that
i would post my favorite red images...
and feature Seabold Vintage Market.

my interpretation of the
designs from Seabold Vintage Market is... 
French bread with a spoonful
of  "Alpineberry" jam!

 Alice, this post is for you and all 
that are inspired by the color red. 

~ visit Seabold Vintage here~

{with love}


  1. You are the SWEETEST EVER!! You have no idea how much this truly means to me!! Hugs to you today!!! xoxo - liz