Thursday, August 25, 2011

Craig's List cabinet...$200.00.

happy Thursday everyone!
lately we have found some great 
finds on Craig's List.
we needed a cabinet to hold our
dishes and serving pieces. as you know, 
we are in the midst of a "whole house
extreme make over", so the budget is tight .

mr. D found this on Craig's list for $200.00. 
we checked it out. it was a perfect fit.

it's a place for dish stacking! the top drawer holds
our most often used linens, and the bottom drawer
holds all of the dreaded cords and accessories for
 the electronics. ( yeah!)
the fan on the top of the cabinet is one of the first
antique pieces that mr. D and i purchased over 30 years ago.
 it was from an old ship. the blades are brass! it still works
and serves it's purpose on warm Summer days.

keep cool!



  1. What a great score! I love it and it looks perfect filled with all your goodies in that spot. Gosh, don't you hate all those wires and chargers, etc? I swear they multiply on their own! :)

  2. Hi! I just found your wonderful blog! The cabinet is lovely and looks so pretty with all the white in it! Great eye and good bargain sense!!!!
    If I can find your follow button, I am a new follower!

  3. GREAT find!! BOTH of my daughters have bought MANY things off Craig's list. I need to catch up. Congrats on your cabinet!

  4. What a fantastic buy. Your white china looks so great against the dark background. x Sharon