Sunday, August 28, 2011

embellish the's a visiting day!

French wine with Nichole's Paris Postcards, and mr D's
LAB CAB ~made with LOVE and tagged by Jami!


~I am sending EXTRA LOVE and well wishes to my friends
on the East Coast. Please be safe! ~



  1. You can come visit and often! :) Love how your kitchen looks.

  2. I adore Nichole's collections. She has a lavender/purple one that is to die for. Bummed I missed the sale! I love "tagged by Jami." Cute. I love them as wine bottle embellies...why didn't I think of that?! Thank God for creative friends like you. I've tagged just about everything but a bottle. Thank you for sharing them and supporting me! Thanks for the well-wishes too. We were spared but as you probably know, our Vermont friends were not. :(