Monday, August 15, 2011

the French Laundry...

for many years i have dreamed about a visit to

~ visit here ~

this is the time of year when we get to prepare
our daily meals fresh from the garden.
if we don't have it in our back yard, we fill in the gaps with
 produce from our local farmer's market.


here on 34th street we i call it...
(mr. d just shakes his head and smiles)

i's  not extremely creative, but it's all about
  a  cooking ritual that can be enjoyed
July though September in the PacNWest climate.


i love to collect a menu now and then. my prize menu is
 from the 2nd stage of the Tour Eiffel. 
 i plan to post about it when we redo our kitchen.

for now i wish to share a little treat FRESH from
it's a printable menu that changes daily.


...a perfect little romantic touch for a
ordinary extraordinary Monday!

[with love]


  1. I do love the wonderful fresh foods this time of year! It (almost) makes it wrth the hot weather!

  2. Hi Lynne!

    I have the issue of an old Victoria magazine with this photo of French Laundry! Looks like a wonderful place!

    My course will continue in Sept. I am just too busy with work and spending days off with my Sam. Hopefully i will get a better routine then.
    Pamela xo

  3. I have been dreaming of visiting the French Laundry for may years. I think your SummerFreshLaundry sounds just as good! x Sharon