Tuesday, August 9, 2011

this whole grain sack thing...

has captivated me.

yesterday, when i was visiting Pinterest
i stumbled upon perfect grain sack 
collage from ~here~. 

the unique quality about the grain sack, is it's 
ability to be casual, chic, or modern.


now for a grain sack shoppe extraordinaire!

  she sells the traditional red and French blue,
but when i saw the caramel, toffee, aubergine 
and dark indigo mixed with gray, i felt that
i should take you there as well!

visit this literal grain sack museum 

....and "bear with me" while i play with
my newest design obsession!

[with love]


  1. I bought one from her and it's awesome! I'm waiting for it to arrive in my shipment from Canada and then I'll be sewing up some lovely cushions from it. There's just something so comfy about them, and rugged too - perfect for my guy to squish on the couch without it looking abused! :)

  2. I have purchased from her too! She has the most amazing collection!
    I love the stair treads (even thought of buying some from her) the picture you have here says it all as to why I want to do this!
    I am loving the textures!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. Oooohh! I think I know what to do with the ottoman I just bought!!