Friday, August 5, 2011

what i bought at the Barn House...

my Barn House budget got a big hit when i found
out that my little Toyota needed new front brakes
after it's 30,000 mile check up!
with the new monetary allowance in place,
i was on a mission to find a jar for my lavender
and a Homer Laughlin, or an ironstone platter.

mission accomplished!

i found this old battery jar. it was the ceramic 
lid that captured my attention.

a clever person actually placed an appropriate little 
matching ceramic knob on the jar. the additional hole 
allows the fragrance to drift out!

in my utensil drawer, i found an old ornate tea strainer
 to use as a scoop.

 i love the play of patina and texture on
our old wooden table...

and it's simple presence under our chandee,
where the lavender, recently harvested from our
back yard is drying. 

next... the platter...

the cool thing about going to the big Barn House event 
is that others in the Battle Ground community 
seize the opportunity to set up shop.

 on the way home, my friend Deb and i stopped to browse
 at this stunning little countryside corner. 
(no, that's not us in the pic)

i had $12.00 left and i was still seeking a platter.

i found a Homer Laughlin at Voondi's little booth 
for $9.00, and i still had $3.00 left in my pocket 
when i returned home!

have a great weekend! 

if "plans keep", mr d and i will be "panelling" 
the dining room tomorrow...
i hope the plans keep...because 
i would love to share some transition
photos with you on Monday!

[with love]


  1. The Barn House looks amazing! I love your battery jar :)

  2. That looks like so much fun! I wish we had things like that around town to go to...happy paneling!

  3. Good for you!! Beautiful post! I love lavender and keep trying to grow it.....not very successfully! We went to Lavender Hills Farm close to DFW area for a festival last wonderful!!