Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Autumn notes...there's a little country in this city girl's heart!

Chrislyn and Jay attended Washington State University in Pullman.
 the university is located in an eastern region of our beautiful state 
called the Palouse. our first visits to the Palouse began ten years ago, 
on the day we moved Chrislyn to college.

not far from Pullman is a place called Uniontown.
there, stands The Artisan Barn...it's one of my favorite
places to stop and gaze, and listen to the wind.

Jay's first job after college was sports director at
KLEW TV in Lewiston, Idaho, just 30 miles from 
Pullman, which has allowed mr d and i to continue our
visits to the Palouse and Uniontown.

the images that i share today are from our visit this summer.

i was editing the photographs this morning and couldn't
believe how wonderful they translated our visit.

 the barn is a gallery inside...

...and out!

my sweet little point and shoot captured that little
spark of  rural charm that lives in my heart,
on that perfect day on the Palouse!


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  1. What a gorgeous area! I would love to visit The Artisan Barn! Beautiful pictures, Lynne!


  2. What a great place! Someday I want to have a big barn on my property :)

  3. Beautiful blog with great pictures and writing.
    I just signed on as a follower and can't wait to read more.