Saturday, September 17, 2011's time for Fall!

pinterest has been deemed a waste of time by some.

but i find it a whole new way of keeping in touch!

~ here ~

it just may need to be added to the definition of "share"
 at Webster's!

~ via ~

while i am on the subject of sharing......
a package arrived at our home yesterday. there were several
items that i purchased here.

i had been waiting with anticipation for the perfect pumpkin!
( i will share a story about the other contents soon)
this  perfect little pumpkin is filling our Saturday morning with
 Fall's sweet fragrance as i write.

i LOVE it, Donna!

Donna is firstly, a dear blog friend, however have grown to share our love
 of  beauty in life and spirituality at Pinterest as well!


mr d and i have a busy day planned. we're adding a layer to the
sub-floor in our dining room and laying down a new floor!

i hope to show you the results next week!



  1. I love the burlap!! I need to find some and get busy! Happy Saturday to you!

  2. Oh Lynne, thank you for sharing my pumpkins!
    I am so glad you like them!
    I came in for a quick lunch and to check my email...saw your post come and just had to see what fun things you have going on today
    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!
    {I am working in the potager...trying to keep warm:)}
    hugs from here,
    P.S. I think pinterest is a very valuable tool. I would rather pin than log into facebook~honestly both are a waste of time but I use my pins to help me with project, to organize my thoughts, recipes and crafty ideas!
    It's easier to do it this way than to dig you my filing cabinets...for hours!
    Just my humble opinion

  3. Pumpkins are is that gorgeous wreath!!

  4. I love Pinterest too! Those pumpkins are adorable. Love Linda x