Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a simple Fall pleasure, when living in design transition and renovation...

hello to Wednesday!
(this is my second attempt at this post...not sure what happened,
i'll just say "the Google" ate my first one.
so...let's try one more time!)

two weeks ago my kitchen counter was neat and tidy.
that lasted about three days.
here is a SNAP of the kitchen counter this morning.

our dining room table was clear...

i spy a perfect pumpkin...
 ... now it's in a holding pattern.

most of my cookbooks are stacked atop a washstand that is temporarily in
i am planning to recover the books that clash with the color story
in the kitchen.

~via ~
i was inspired by this photo on Pinterest.


in the midst of all of the reshuffling and sort of organized chaos is a pretty candle.
Donna made it! {i love it}. it sits on my desk, now, temporarily in the dining room, next to my laptop.

she is brilliant at creating the special touches that she tucks into her packages!
a perfect example, above, two little book page leaves, attached together, knotted with twine.
i wrapped them around the stem of her candle goblet. 


 an instant FALL RETREAT... that simple pleasure!

whoops! it's time to blow out the candle and headed off to work.
have a perfect FALL day!

~today,gather to inspire here~



  1. You have really been doing the shuffle!! I like the idea of covering the books...this will also save the original covers from getting stained and grease covered in the kitchen. My shelves are near the stove and I am amazed at how sticky they get. Sorry for rambling...;-D


  2. Thank you Lynne for the little shout out about my candles (your candle!) and quiet mention of my burlap pumpkins!
    I also relate to what you are going through with everything in places other than where they are supposed to be. It can be stressful but you seem to be managing!
    Love the kraft paper coverings with white writing so cute!
    Have a wonderful day at work!
    Hugs from here

  3. I'm so glad you found my blog!! So cool that we live so close. I am always driving by your area! Weekly we are going into Tacoma for my daughters treatment at Mary Bridge! I am excited we got to 'virtually' meet! I love your blog! You live in a very pretty area. Happy week!!


  4. Lynne I am so excited to see all of your efforts come to fruition!! The candle is lovely and the book idea, a wow!

    I have just linked up with Laura's party!

    Art by Karena

  5. Oh there is just TOO much goodness here for one post! Love the book ideas.

    Oh I just really love this! You are so creative.

    Thank you so very much for linking up to Fall In Love Wednesdays.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  6. Covering your're crazy! I love your washstand, and am intrigued by those things that look like rubber stamps with lovely sounding food written on them. Good luck with the rennovations. Your candle and it's decoration is just right for the fall. Have a great weekend, looks like you'll be busy. Love Linda x