Thursday, September 15, 2011

a trip to Ikea, some "mini - me" kitchens and a WINNER!

yesterday morning, Chrislyn called and said,
"Mom, is there anything that you need at Ikea?"
"i think that i would like to take Holland on a little outing." 

(i go in to work a little later on Wednesdays, because
 the doc's are busy doing surgery!)


 we had our first three generation girls shopping trip.
Holland was a very good little girl. Ikea is a perfect place...lots of
lights and colors for a 3 month old. we were there exactly one hour, and spent
 a little more time in the kiddie area on this visit. of course i purchased a
little "something ~ something" for her from  her "G.Ma & G.Pa"!


the answer to the question, do you need anything at Ikea,
is on our dining table this morning.

Chrislyn and Jason are planning to convert a room adjacent to
their living room into a library / playroom. she has been
busy on Pinterest collecting inspiration. yesterday, she asked me to
check out some of the little hand crafted kitchens that she pinned.

i just have to share some of the DIY cuteness with you.

~ via ~

~ via ~

the next one is actually my favorite...

~ via ~

it's made from a nightstand! i love the idea of
changing the images in the frame to reflect the different
seasons or to display her first artwork!

~ * ~ 

now for the winner of my very first 
give a way!

i used random org.
it drew the number 3!


~ here ~

i will email Arcadian Lighting and arrange for you to receive your
special shopping code!


thank you to all that entered! tomorrow i
will be taking the day off from posting to
go out and meet some of my new followers!

Thank you...Arcadian Lighting!



  1. I Love Ikea!
    The closest one is in Chicago though...3 1/2 hours away!
    It keeps me from finding finding a few little things though! I only go every so often.
    I love the little kitchen ideas!
    the one made from a nightstand is unique!
    Have a blessed rest of the day!
    Hugs from here,

  2. Hooray for Mona...I'm glad you introduced us to Arcadian Lighting though...I still need those outdoor fixtures!!

    Love IKEA...I always come home with an armful! I know Holland just loved her big outing. Aren't little girls fun?!


  3. Congrats, Mona!! I will send your code right NOW!!! So excited to see what you'll be getting with it ;)

    Arcadian Lighting Blog Editor

  4. congrats Mona :)
    I would have loved a mini kitchen like this when I was a kid!

  5. Omg, thank you so much!! YAY!!

    So loving those mini kitchens too :)

  6. Oh Lynne what pretty play kitchens and what a brilliant idea using an old nightstand! Would a duck egg blue version with burlap/grainsack curtains be oh so French!! Or perhaps a French grey with red gingham....!!!!!!! I'm sure a little girl would probably prefer pink and oh with Cabbages and Roses floral curtains I could cope with that! Does anyone have a little girl I could borrow???!!! Fabulous post. Hugs for a fabulous weekend from a 500 year old farmhouse in England - Glenda xxx