Monday, October 3, 2011

Artichauts...artichokes...Artichauts...and so on...and so fun...and so yum!

the potager is now plowed under. there are two plants that remain.
they happen to be my favorites and actually reside outside of the potager.

the first plant is my Bay Leaf tree.

photographed August 1, blooms yet!
the second is the new kid in the Artichoke!
mr. d and i bought it when it was an eight inch baby plant at the 
farmers market in Puyallup at the end of June.

Artichokes can flourish here in the PacNWest! 
(i took the two photographs above at the end of July in Battleground 
on my way home from the Barn House Market.)
why grow an Artichoke? 

  i was inspired by a
sweet blog friend, Linda at Flowers On My Table

Linda has the most creative energy when it comes to throwing a party.
for one of  her gatherings, her garage was transformed into the Lyons Head Pub,
and for a Summer party, she converted it to an ice cream parlor. 

 i wish she was my neighbor!

* use freshly grated Parm, i serve it with fresh baguette or
French Bread*

it's no secret that mr d. and i love Artichokes. the "chokes" are
 a favorite movie night treat. 

when i posted about our movie night treat...back in February,
Linda wrote,  indicating how good they looked. she said
that she wished that she could  find fresh Artichokes where she lives.
(at that time it was Winter)

i wished that i could send her some. i will send her two...VIRTUALLY!

in bloom on October 3rd, 2011

in a few weeks we will be clipping off the blooms and putting the
perennial to bed for the Winter.  i have been reading  about it at...

~ i LOVE this site ~

this post is dedicated to Linda, an inspirational
blog friend...
from our backyard to yours...
Happy Fall!



  1. What a lovely post! Your pics are SO pretty! Is that nasturiums I see all growin gso grandly? I planted them once here in Texas one spring.
    As always......I love your every post!

  2. Oh Lynne, I am so very touched that you gave me such a lovely heart-warming mention. Your artichokes are blooming marvellous, I am so jealous! Good luck with them for next year, but they look really healthy.Will you continue to grow them in pots, or will you put them directly in to the ground? Thankyou so much. Have a wonderful week, with a great big hug, Linda x

  3. How fun! I also love artichokes and wish we could grow them here! And did I see Ballards Primvere dishes in cream~I have them too! I especially love the ruffles!
    Have a fab week !

  4. I've never tried growing artichokes and can you believe I've never actually seen a real artichoke plant?? i know! I love Linda's blog and she lives in the most beautiful area. Your pics are gorgeous xo