Thursday, October 20, 2011

come fly with me...

 you know that i'm a sentimental girl.

i haven't watched a TV drama for about five years.
about a month ago, i noticed a promo for a new TV series called
Pan Am.  at first, i didn't know what to think...hmmmmm.

 then i started to reminisce.
 Pan Am was special. the stewardesses spoke two or three languages. many
were registered nurses. they were
taught to be gourmet cooks. you could have your egg scrambled to 
perfection in ECONOMY class. 

they awarded travelling  tots with "wings"
for taking flight along with 
a mini version of  THE BAG.

there was SERVICE,  there was LEG ROOM 
and THE BAG! 

the Pan Am Explorer Bag was the very first carry on. 
there was a time when you "dressed to travel" by air, 
(or by train for a matter of fact.) 

the television show is fun to
watch...if only  for fashion sake.

it rekindles a time when an occupation was created 
for a woman  who wished to see the world while making a good living 
wage. there were weight restrictions and the notion that
once married, you placed the job behind you. it's all
part of the show along with some cold war intrigue.

i still remember the dream that was Pan Am.

 Park Avenue !

big world cities and exotic places to behold...

"the world's most experienced airline."

a Clipper Ship could take you around the world.

in style!

the sky's the limit!



  1. Sounds like an interesting show. I enjoyed your nostalgic post Lynne. Hope all's well with you and yours and you are watering my artichoke?? Love Linda xx

  2. I watched the first episode and totally got into it! I have to make a point not to miss it! When I was in my twenties, I applied at every airline trying to get a job as a flight attendant. Applications, group and private interviews and health exams. When I was finally hired by TWA, I was based in St. Louis, however totally in love with my soon to be husband. I couldn't leave!! The whole experience was good but I still wonder what my life would be like had I taken the job!


  3. Hi Lynne,
    When I was a little girl I dreamt of one day been an "airline stewardess"...That's what they were call back then :-) I thought it was the most glamorous job ever! Love the beautiful fashion from this era! Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  4. Love that show! What a change from the sweatpants people wear nowadays - the glamour is definitely gone.

  5. Lynne it was a time when everyon dressed to fly. The fashions ARE wonderful!!

    I also have a thing for Vintage Travel Posters!

    Do come and enter my Designer Pillow Giveaway!! (Also a great resource)


    Art by Karena

  6. I have not seen that show yet! I will have to find out when it is on. I remember those days...and guess what? I still "dress" to travel! xo Diana

  7. What an absolutely MARVELOUS post!! I have not seen this show but I am going to NOW! Bet I could watch the ones I missed online. I once saw a Pan Am bag at a thrift store. I should have bought it!!