Friday, October 21, 2011

confetti anyone?

{when your hubby is out of town...and you can't sleep...
you can write about the silliest things. i thought twice
about publishing this. but...what the heck! }

help yourself to a handful of silly me!

 it's the weekend!

 make the ordRiNaRY fun and fancy!

this little mix of confetti cake mix, yogurt and cool whip 
(with grahams or animal cookies),  makes sampling the cake batter legal!

there is always confetti snap crackle pop...

...and confetti bark!


how is this for adding some CHEER
to the ordinary? what a way to have an
unlimited supply of baker's twine at
your fingertips!

~visit here~

i need to do this post all over again using
Fall colors with everything made by ME!

it's a wrap!

i'll be back with a good night's sleep!

happy weekend!

we'll be making our
Jack o' Lanterns!



  1. Cute, cute post! Our kids love confetti cake and it is tops on their list. We make those rolled cookies with the cake mix (that they help with) and they always want the confetti kind. Let's just say I never eat ANYTHING that SweetCheeks hands have touched. I hope you have a wonderful evening- xo Diana

  2. Fun post! Confetti is fun & pretty & why not do a post about it when you can't sleep? ;D

  3. I'm so glad you decided to go ahead with the "silly"! These photos are so cute. How can a girl resist sparkles and confetti?!


  4. I'm assuming the rice crispy snacks have all been eaten up? I would of eaten them up real fast.