Tuesday, October 25, 2011

haunting silhouettes...and found treasures...

good morning, mechickas!
(i just had to carry the silly word over from my last post!
today the word takes on a whole new meaning!
i love word play and made up words that
eventually become real words a la Webster! )


there has been a lot of  blogspeak about silhouettes.

~hgtv here~

 silhouettes are hauntingly  fun!
perfect for Halloween! 
you can go scary (above) ...


or  my favorite interpretation of the holiday ...not so scary!

~* ~

a few years ago...


... my mom asked me if i wanted 
some unusual old dishes and bake ware that
 were found at my Grandmother Hazel's home.
when i saw them...i paused...then i became elated! 

they would be perfect 
for our Halloween decor!

the dishes are not the happiest...
i'm not quite certain why someone would want sad dishes...
but somehow they made it into our family vintage trunk!
the image sort of reminds me of the little
"jack sprat and the clean platter" story of olde.

oh... the little doggie begging for scraps...sad.

hence scary...hence perfect for Halloween!

 a happy ending is in store for this sad little silhouette.
the bowls will be filled with GOODIES for Halloween Night...
...even biscuits for the puppy dogs!


this post has inspired me to make treat sacks for the 
trick~or~ treat'er's moms & dads!
i'm going to use craft paper and my little French bon bon stamp.

have a great Tuesday!



  1. The dishes are perfect for Halloween. I thought of Jack Spratt when I saw them too. I love your treat bags!

  2. What a wonderful post. I LOVE those old dishes and yes, they are perfect for Halloween! Love the little treat bags. I LOVE words, too. That is one reason my grandkids/kids have such good vocabularies...I have played word games with them since before they could talk. How about a good game of Scrabble? xo Diana

  3. Oh, I agree the dishes are just the thing for Halloween! And I LOVE those treat bags you crafted! They are adorable, and I think that is so thoughtful of you to make them for the parents! :) {I wish I were in your neighborhood, hehe!}

    How are you doing this week? I hope you are having a wonderful one so far! Have you been enjoying the sunshine we've had? This is the weather I think of when I think of fall...heavenly, crisp, sunny fall weather! :)

    I hope you have a great night!


  4. You are really getting into the spirit of Halloween, the dishes are perfect. I love your bon-bon stamp, trick or treaters will be impressed when they call at yours! Lots of love, Linda x