Sunday, October 9, 2011

i gotcha covered...and cheerful graces!

remember this?


the washstand... with the cookbooks...piled in 
their temporary place in the living room.

then there was a little inspiration on Pinterest!

the before and far...i even  found a new look for our  Chocolate Gousse's cookie jar!

yesterday, i made myself a giant mug of tea and started covering away.
it was sort of fun covering books in the Fall. it reminded me of my
old school days. i'm about half way finished. i just thought that i
would share my  progress...
and this!
the very sweet thing about the covering
project, was reading all the sentiments written inside the books that
were gifts to me.  my favorite is from my youngest brother Jay. it would be the
last cookbook and sentiment from him. due to a head injury, he experienced early
 onset dementia. he passed away about five years ago. he always recognized my
creative passion! i wish to share his sweet words with you today.

i LOVE  how he wrote the sentiment to my whole family...

Dear Lynne, Kim, Chrislyn & Jay:

'Tis  the joys of cooking
that bring family and friends 
to a festive table to enjoy
harmony and cheerful graces.

Merry Christmas  1999!
Uncle Jay

from my brother's mine,
now to all of yours...
i wish you a week of 
harmony and cheerful graces!



  1. What a beautiful gift from your brother and such a lovely personal inscription.
    Your covered books look terrific and I love the calligraphy.

  2. First let me say, that you are fortunate to have such a treasure from your brother. Second, I love how the covered books look. Fabulous idea & your handwriting is so pretty.

  3. Love hurts....but it hurts so sweetly. Love your post. My daughter, Amber, covered some of her books in sheet music paper. I love your ideas! Looks great!

  4. I take back what I said before, they look terrific. You made me cry, with talk of your brother. I am so sorry for your loss, the inscription was lovely though.

    Yes I can imagine that covering books at this time of year would take you back to your schooldays,quite comforting, I should think?
    Have a happy week, my lovely American friend, love Linda x

  5. What a lovely inscription from your dear brother. Your books look lovely - I found that same pic on pinterest and put it in my files! :)