Tuesday, October 11, 2011

some things never change and my favorite kitchen tool...

good day, all!
here on 34th street we are city folk that live
on FARM TIME. the alarm clock has been set at
4:45 am for over 30 years! 

the children are raised and on their own now, but 
one ritual has not changed. i make mr dreams lunch
every workday. the good news is that i am a 
morning person...and mr d doesn't mind 
leftovers for lunch. 90% of the time his lunch
is last night's dinner. i just make one extra portion
so it's a no brain er in the morning! 
actually it's kind of cool...his lunch can be anything 
from a beef tenderloin and twice baked potato
to a Chinese stir fry.

today it's spaghetti and meatballs. my fave kitchen tool is the Microplane!
i don't know what it is...but i just love this tool. it makes 
everything special. i use it for everything from
cheese to chocolate. if  something looks boring, i just grab 
the Microplane.

mr. d has a 60 min commute by bus to the 
University of Washington, so i usually throw in
a snack for the way home. the added treat right now
is our favorite HONEY CRISP apple.
(thank you Minnesota!)

so here it is ... today's lunch ready for mr d to
toss into his back pack!
 a kiss and a hug... we'll meet again at dinner
tonight...when the ritual happens once again!

did you think i forgot about ME?

this is where i add a touch of FRENCH to today!

it's a serious healthy addiction too...Tender French Beans 
from Costco...Tendres haricots verts...yum, yum and YUM!
i toss everything on top of these beans...

this morning it's Sunday night's beef tenderloin and almonds.

i added a HONEY CRISP and cheese.
 yes... that's last year's Starbucks Christmas shopping bag!
i'm off to work...and one more thing...
my mom's having knee surgery today...
i'll been leaving the office early.
please keep her in your prayers!



  1. What a 'delicious' post!! You are an amazing woman and SO organized! I am NOT a morning person.......spent long years 'doing' moornings when I had children but I am now RETIRED! Stay up late and sleep late!
    Is your mom having knee surgery replacement? I had that done 4 years ago and it has been WONDERFUL!
    Saying a prayer now for you and yours!
    Linda C

  2. I am lovin' your lunch box ideas!
    I also make my hubby's lunch and oftentimes it too is last nights dinner delights! I need to get a micro planer...very interesting!
    Saying a quiet prayer for your mom~ hope all is well!
    Have a wonderful day at the salt mines!

  3. I am definitely not a morning person and sadly my guy doesn't get the lovely gourmet lunches packed by me! Prayers to you and your mom xo