Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the stitched book page project is finished just in time!

if you have been following me for the past week,  you 
have had a few peeks at my progress on this little free hand
stitching project.  when i was working on my last page,
i decided that i wanted to add a little  pizazz  to the story.

keeping with the shop your home theory...i headed back up to 
my crafty studio. like most of you, i am a shopping bag 
hoarder collector. OMGoodness! how perfect is the DSW 
bag for Fall touches!

i added those cool stripes to the mix, with a couple book page
flowers. in the center of each book page posey,  i tacked a silk flower... 
(extras from the 150 that we made for Chrislyn and Jason's wedding two years ago). 

OK...ready to assemble...

mr d and i made a pact that i would never put holes
in the new cottage wall, so i doubled some lunch sacks
and filled them with rocks for my anchor pieces.

i had these cute little clips on hand...
they worked out  perfect...

the first page hung in the center...CHAPTER ONE,
and the simply stitched FRENCH TOUCH BREAD!

i am really tickled about how the banner turned out!

it makes me SMILE!

just a sweet little touch of  Fall...

on our newly created COTTAGE WALL!


  1. This is a wonderful project and it turned out so cute! It looks like it was fun to do and it looks perfect in front of your "new" wall! Love it, Lynn!


  2. How absolutely WONDERFUL!!! I love it! You are one creative lady!
    No holes in your wall????? Too many to count around here!

  3. This turned out so perfectly! The embroidered pages are great & I love the flowers. Super job...I love it!

  4. This is adorable!
    Your cottage planking is wonderful~we have the same thing running around our new kitchen/dining room and it really changes things doesn't it?

  5. Oh, I think it turned out amazing! I love how you combined different things, too, versus having each one the same~ the book page flowers {and how pretty they look with the sweet posey in the center} and the stitching you did on the book pages! I love that you used that striped bag for it, too~ and you're right, it does look wonderful for a fall theme! :) The banner looks gorgeous against your new cottage wall, by the way!

    I hope you have a good night!


  6. This is just too cute! I love that you used a shopping bag for the stripes. You did a lovely job with the embroidery :)

  7. One of the most beautiful and exquisitely made banners I've ever seen!


  8. Fantastic project. I love anything with words or book pages.

  9. Ok, this is the cutest banner I have seen all autumn! I love the stitching. Well done.

    I really appreciate you linking this gem up!

  10. What a wonderful idea and so beautifully executed by you! Have a lovely weekend. x Sharon

  11. How lovely Lynne, and so unique. You are a clever girl. Can't believe you told your husband you wouldn't put any nail holes in though. You deserve a medal for that! Have a wonderful weekend, love Linda x

  12. What a beautiful idea. Love the stiched pages. Great job.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  13. This is awesome! I love the details that you added to the book pages! And that DSW bag, just perfect! I have one in my closet that I may need to take another look at! Love the new cottage wall!