Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ready to talk turkey...

i don't know about you...

but this sleepy little Candy Corn Princess and
her Grandmother are ready to talk turkey!

Holland and her Mom spent the day making
candy corn magic wands ( a la Oreo) for her first  Halloween.
she gave them to her friends in the neighborhood and
her Grandma & Grandpa! YUMMY!

Welcome NOVEMBER! 
i Love Turkey Day!

~Seven French Turkeys / June Berry ~



  1. She is adorable!!

    I'm ready for Turkey Day too.

  2. Oh she looks gorgeous Lynne. Excuse my ignorance but what is Turkey Day? The candy corn wands look really pretty.Love Linda x

  3. What a cutie pie~ I am ready for turkey day too...and I LOVE that 7 French Hens rendition! That is such a cute idea for oreo magic wands- I am saving it for a reference for next year. They would be cute for Christmas, too! xo Diana

  4. Oh, what a sweet one. I love turkey day too. Can't believe it's November already.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley