Monday, November 14, 2011

it's Monday morning...the artichokes ! again!

i harvested my two and only artichokes a week ago
and brought them inside to dry... they looked like this...

~  photos from last Monday's post ~

when i woke up yesterday morning ...
such a pretty surprise! the larger choke bloomed!

i decided to place the petite choke in my
Grandmother's tarnished teacup!

i  just finished bringing in some Bay Leaf.

i saved the Autumn satin ribbon from a recently
 purchased box of Fran's Chocolates, and decided to tie
 a bunch on pot rack!

 i love this time of year!
we're hosting Thanksgiving Day!
 i'm off to work!
happy Monday!



  1. Have a great day at work. The homefront is looking great with your "harvest" included in the pictures. I am off to welcome a new grandbaby to my daughter's house! xo Diana

  2. How pretty that artichoke is! I also love the hanging bay leaf.

  3. Hi Lynne, that's what happened to one of my artichoke's too. It's totally amazing isn't it! Your kitchen is looking very seasonal and lovely.Have a great week, love Linda x

  4. It's nice that you have your harvest "hanging around"!! Love the pretty chokes, too! Hope next summer is just as great!


  5. Lynne, please bear with me as I am on overload at the moment, but tell me more about where your bay bush is in the garden and how you use it? LOVE the artichoke! I want you to come to my next cooking class in December...sending you an email!

  6. Lynne, my sweet friend. Thankyou so much for your lovely comments, they mean such a lot to me. Have a wonderful day, with love Linda x

  7. Hi Lynne!
    I have been trying to catch up on some of my blogging and loved the whole artichoke series!
    They look wonderful! I love the whole kitchen vignette!
    Autumn is still my favorite time of year and love it that you are still in this mode! I too am still displaying pumpkins and burning fall fragrances!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week! Look forward to seeing your Thanksgiving decor as well!

  8. How pretty it looks! I had no idea that they bloomed! Amazing.

  9. Your artichoke in your grandmothers tea cup is gorgeous and the one that bloomed! I've just been reading through your's beautiful!