Saturday, November 5, 2011

it's November! i'm in my Saturday shoes!

first things first!
~ C O F F E E ~
i am  a vintage Starbucks favorite blend is
Cafe Verona. it's pure romance in a mug for me!

i pinned these ...

 ~ Sperry's with grosgrain here ~

i need some new Saturday shoes...(an alternative to those
famous pull on boots.)
i love the grosgrain ribbon. i could even weave in some
other ribbon colors...hmmm... maybe in black...we'll see.

it's time to get going...

the Saturday morning chores...

 a pumpkin scrub and some pecan gloss
~ a  little day of rest from my fave Chanel Chance~

are you feelin' the Fall vibe yet?

this isn't me, but this image just gives me that Autumn get up 
and go push!...(i think it's from tumbler
about two years ago...and now a popular PIN!

i am going to...
The Half Yearly Sale...
(another PacNWest classic) buy something special for
my great niece Brogan Rae's
first birthday!

 back home to put on some burgundy beef stew for mr d.
because it's a huge college football day!

the Cougs are in the bay area playing Cal, a biggie...
 #1 LSU playing #2 Alabama, and our son, Jay will be covering 
the # 5 Boise State Broncos at UNLasVegas at 7:30pm.

i will be leaving football and stew to 

 attend an Enchanted Evening benefit for Multicare
with my mom and our friend Doreen

i adore the month of November!
happy Saturday! whew!


  1. AHhhh!!! You do the nicest posts EVER!!! Love those Saturday Shoes!!! Sounds like you are well on your way to a perfectly lovely SaturDAY!!!

  2. What an action packed day you are having.

    The stew looks delicious.

    Wishing you a joyful weekend

  3. Looks like you have a full weekend. Enjoy!

  4. Lovely pics Lynne, I love the shoes and the cardigan, very cosy! That Burgundy Beef Stew looks heavenly, good comfort food. Have a wonderful month of November, love Linda x

  5. Oh, those shoes are so cute. Jess has some that are similar to those. And we love Football over here too. My son played Football when he was in school and had the best time. Your stew looks delicious. Happy Sunday to you.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley