Thursday, November 17, 2011

just me in the morning!

i haven't been at my laptop for a couple days...
work and home keeping are on hyper drive right
i am working out at 6:00 am six days a week . whew!

the farm table under the chandie is a busy place ...

i won this wonderful book~a~ zine from Jenni at A Beautiful Nest a week ago.
i have it opened on this page because it' so warm and woodsy. 
you will laugh at me...but i have the packing shredded papers from Donna at
A Life Reclaimed tucked all over my home right now. it's like a potpourri "gift 
with purchase" when she ships her fabulous handmade goodies! 
Mr Dreams and the Chocolate Gousse retrieved a bunch of mini pumpkins 
from the property in the valley last weekend, and the bay leaf is drying for 
holiday hostess gifts and place setting favors.

i wish you all the best day...i hope to catch up on my  visits and comments
soon. i just couldn't go another day without saying hello!

~ "tagged by" sweet Jami at freckled laundry~



  1. wow - good for you for 6 am workouts! I'm still in deep REM around then xo

  2. I wish I could work out 6 days a week!! I'd prefer in the AM also, but alas....someday I'll get there! It's better for my schedule to do evenings. I love your fall photos!! The pumpkin is cute!! :)

  3. Wowee Lynne, working out at 6 am 6 days a week...that's dedication for you. I am very impressed. The shredded paper is lovely, you do right to hang on to it.Hope all is well with you and yours, much love Linda x

  4. Oh you are sooo good to work out that early and oh so diligently! I tried running around the block in the evenings as I take a jogging stroller pushing around my preschooler - and boy that didn't last too long! I may have to start up again...I really need a running/exercise buddy! lol And you know, I keep cute packaging paper around too! :) Oh and I am loving that first pic that you have posted! :) Anyway, enjoy your evening!


  5. You are too funny! I didn't realize it retained to fragrance~good to know. Wouldn't want to reuse with another scent!