Wednesday, November 30, 2011

kitchen and blog love!

dear blog friends, 
this is the time of year that i leave for work in the dark 
and arrive home in the dark. there isn't natural light to take personal 
photographs. (except for the weekends).  i  will be storytelling with
 photographs from blogs and places that inspire me.


we're on the road to a white kitchen...
it may be another year before we get there.
but on the way, i can dream and pin.

i just finished pinning this amazing merry and bright
White Christmas kitchen in Iceland. 

(i hope that i am correct on the location...
because although she speaks to us in Swedish, she displays 
her fjord in Iceland on her sidebar.) 
i love her blog. 
it softly sings to me.
 today a  cozy Christmas lullaby.

before, i go...i just have to share just one more image of  her...

pure brilliance!

a perfect read.



  1. I love her blog as well! So pretty, simple and cozy!
    I love the wood counter tops in her kitchen (So want them for myself!) and the plate of FIGS! I so am craving figs but they are no where to be found now!
    I totally agree that the book stack tree in pure brilliance and uber cute!
    Have a fabulous day!
    hugs from here

  2. Totally inspiring! I love white! There was a time I didn't....I only used dark earthy colors. Those days are gone and I am embracing the LIGHT in my life!!
    It must be a bit depressing to leave and return in the dark! My daughter lived in Scotland for a year and it was DARK by 2:30 in the afternoon during December when we were visiting her. She had to go to a tanning salon to get some rays in order to keep going!
    Hope you see all the BRIGHT spots in your day! Please know YOU are one of those BRIGHT spots to others!

  3. Beautiful kitchen with lots of inspiration too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the wood counters in the first picture. I wanted those so bad but they weren't that practical. But had it been totally up to me...

    I have to go back and have another look! What a gorgeous kitchen!


  5. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! I love the images above~ How fun that you are going to Leavenworth too!! :) I should give you my cell and we can meet up! xo Rachel

  6. Thank-you for showing us this kitchen. It is sooo pretty - I love the little touches of of pink to break the white. Keep dreaming of your white kitchen - it will happen one day! x Sharon

  7. Glad I found you! Love it all.

    Deb @ Garden Party

  8. Hi Lynne,
    What a pretty kitchen. So much pretty natural light. Thanks for sharing and thahnk you for stopping by for a visit. Hope you are doing well my friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,