Saturday, November 26, 2011

the last peek at Thanksgiving and the November glassy baby WINNER!

Thanksgiving at our place is a  busy yet joyous ride.
with all the the effort that goes into hosting, we didn't forget
the bread in the oven...but we did forget to take a photo of 
the tables before we dined.

a few of you asked me to photograph the centerpieces.
i must admit...they will be on our farm table for the weekend,
as i absolutely loved how the turned out!

 the centerpiece on the farm table.
(have i mentioned how much i love laundered burlap?)

the Pilgrims are from my Mom's  past Thanksgiving tablescapes. 
they resided on the kid's table with baskets that held vegetables, fruit and
 a vintage tablespoon and butter knife
from my grandmother's Thanksgiving place settings.

each guest took home gifts. everyone kept their napkin (a T-towel from Ikea),
their "rendre grace" clay tag {love you, Jami}, the girls were given two small pouches, 
one with  lavender and  the other with bay leaves from our back yard, and the guys... 
...just a wee bit of Jameson!

~ * ~

the winner of the



give ~ a ~ way 


Diana, please send me your address in an email!

we'll be playing glassybaby give a way  each month until

next September, so there will be more chances to win ahead!

~ * ~

i wish you a Washington State Apple Cup of

love Saturday!




  1. Beautiful post!! Leave it to you to think of every last detail to make the day as special as YOU are!! Lovely gifts for your guests to remember the day by!!

    Your centerpieces are wonderful!!!

  2. I didn't forget the rolls in the oven but I was plating the cranberry sauce as everyone was eating!! I always forget something!!

    Your centerpiece is lovely, Lynne! I love the rustic look of burlap!

    Hurray for Diana, isn't she a sweetheart?!!


  3. What a wonderful time you had with your families!

    I CAN'T BELIEVE I won a Glassy Baby! I had never even heard of them before. I am smiling all over-see even my belly button is turned up sideways in a smile- okay...never mind that...because skinny people don't HAVE belly buttons that can turn sideways in a smile! Anyway...I will send you my address via email!

    Thank you SOOOO much! xo Diana

  4. Your centerpiece is beautiful. I'd want to keep it around longer too!

    Congrats to Diana!

  5. Lynne, the centerpiece looks fantastic and fresh, and it makes me smile that you love the burlap....enjoy your weekend~

  6. Hi Lynne!

    Oh your centerpiece is just lovely! Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And I'm also glad that you ended trying out my recipes, and ended up liking it! :) So happy to hear that it's a keeper for you!!! :)