Saturday, November 12, 2011

let's make some Bomboloni!

first of all it's so very fun to say! 

~ Bomboloni! ~

 before i get started...i wish to dedicate this post 
 my Grandpa John Bozzello. he was the head chef
at the Italian Village in Downtown Seattle.

when Grandpa retired, they closed the restaurant. here is one of my keepsakes.

 he doesn't live here on earth any longer, but his life spirit is within me!
he called me Lindee and i loved love it!

~recipe here~ looks like a jelly donut.

Bomboloni are smaller!

~ the easiest recipe is  here~
we dust them sugar!

~recipe here~
we roll them in sugar!

we fill them with Nutella,

raspberry jam,

~ a little measuring challenge but authentic here~
or lemon curd!

i'll be making ours on Sunday morning!

Bomboloni, baby!



  1. Well, you TEASE! What? No recipe? Now you KNOW we gotta try these for ourselves! I am thinking Lemon Curd on this end! xo Diana

  2. Hello amazing smile friend!

    I just love your profile picture! It says Hi to me every morning!

    I have placed several recipes in the Bombolini Baby post...i did however go back and edit.
    The recipe that I will be using is stated under the powdered sugar babies..."the easiest recipe is here"
    I'm guessing that Sweet Cheeks will like these!

  3. Oh my, I have not had breakfast yet, and am drooling all over my key board here. I love the looks of these..with nutella? We love that too. We just made a nutella dessert pizza a few weeks ago, to die for. Thanks for your sweet comment on my budget post, much appreciated!

  4. Oh yes, oh yum!

    I love this post because I also have an Italian grandfather who was a chef, maybe not an actual chef per se, but he cooked in an Italian restaurant. He passed away when I was in high school. I didn't get serious about cooking until after I got married. I kick myself because oh what he could have taught me now!

  5. Those look so scrumptious. I wish I had some to go with my tea today. Have a great week ahead.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley