Tuesday, November 22, 2011

rendre grace...

~thank you, Jami...i love you!~

Jami  at freckled laundry is such a doll...a few weeks ago, i emailed her and
asked if she could make me some custom tags for Thanksgiving.
i told her that i would love to have them to be rolled in linen...and say...
... rendre grace!
(it's English translation..."thanks to...")

the tags will be the final touch to keepsake favors that i am making for our
Thanksgiving farm table!

oh! ...one or two for our chandie!

~* ~

~today is my father's 82nd birthday!~

Whistler, BC, Canada ~ January 2011
how thankful i am to have both of my parents seated at our Thanksgiving table.
Mom called last night to tell me that "she won't be a cougar any longer,
 (she turned 82 in August), now that Dad is 82.
~ smile~
the photograph above was taken at Whistler, BC.
we had the sweetest waitress from New Zealand!

Happy Birthday, Daddy John!



  1. Your tags are really pretty.

    Happy Birthday wishesto your Dad!

  2. I LOVE these tags!! And I can't wait to see your table. Your mom is a stitch with the cougar remark!! Happy Birthday to your dad!!


  3. Hhappy birthday to your dear dad! What a lovely photo. I'm blessed to have both of my parents too and my dad turned 84 this year. Happy Thanksgiving! xo