Sunday, November 6, 2011

a romance with baking papers...

last night, after returning from the
Enchanted Evening Holiday Benefit, i started to
plan my holiday baking and hostess gifting.

i have decided to transform our simple little 34th 
street kitchen into a boulangerie ~ panificio.

it will be possible with little help from Sur la table and a few 
other  resources featured here today...

how pretty the pumpkin donuts look in the 
Panettoni ~ Brioche wrappers.

perfect paper baked gifts!

there are Tulips to be picked...

to bake and to hold...

here is a sweet suggestion from Matthew Meade!

a how to...

above...there is parchment!  so elegant!

i'm not sure how much more excited one can get about...
(just Google)


aside from baking for a second...some simple paper magic...
...with a wrapper, a tiny exacto "X" and twinkle lights!

pass the bread paper please!



  1. I just did a comment and it poofed disappeared! Anyway-what I said was that these are all darling ideas and have gone so far beyond the old pastel ones that have always been there. My daughter made a garland for my granddaughter's birthday a couple of years ago and it was really sweet...Very similar looking to your last picture..except in pastels! xo Diana

  2. I love pretty baking papers too! I'm always buying cupcake liners when I see them in colors/patterns I like. Baker's twine too! I love it & had to have it, although I've never used it.