Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a room for Jay...

my son Jay has recently moved to Boise, Idaho.

he is basically starting from scratch. he decided to leave his

 hodgepodge of college and first job after college furniture behind.
the first thing he bought was a good queen size mattress.

he found this bed at Crate & Barrel, and is most likely going to 

purchase it soon. when we were catching up by phone last night, 


i asked him about color. he has decided that he would like to go with 

the colors of  black, shades of grey, white and...

as he put it a "yellowish ~ green". 

when we ended our conversation, i told him that i would put

a few images together for him to consider.

i tend to gravitate to subtle ~ neutral...


with option of tossing some too cool 

pillows and

throws onto the canvas!

this works especially well when living on a tight budget.

i couldn't help including this idea for a future dining space!

i am inviting Jay to my blog today for his opinion.

 hey Jay! i love you and miss you!
have fun covering the Broncos in Vegas this weekend...
we'll be watching for you on the sidelines!

additional opinions, links, and ideas are welcome!



  1. Jay has good taste! I like the color palette he chose! I hope he likes your images, I do!


  2. I think Jay chose a perfect color palette!

  3. Ooh, I love the ideas you presented to him!!! He's chosen a great color scheme too!!! Can't wait to see what he decides in the end - will you be posting it?


    P.S. I LOVE those chairs in the last pic - my kind of style! :) Vintage industrial chic!!!

  4. Wowee, cool colours and cool bed. I love the pictures you've put together for him too. thanks for your lovely remarks, love Linda x

  5. You did a great job, Mom! Pulled it all together nicely for him. I hope he pops by to see what you came up with. Love all those subtle colors with the pop of green! xo Diana

  6. What great ideas you have! I am in love with those Tolix chairs. I've wanted some forever, but don't know where to put them. I wonder if there is a Room and Board store anywhere near your son? They have great furniture...most everything they make has nice clean lines.

  7. The colors your son chose look great together, and I love these photos and ideas you shared, too! :) The last picture is especially wonderful, and those chairs are amazing around the wood table. :)

    I hope you are having a great week!


  8. Hi Lynne, thanks for visiting. Have yourself a merry little weekend, love Linda x