Saturday, November 19, 2011

a Saturday evening post... it's a bloomin' encore!

Friday was the best was hair day!

when i get my hair always starts and ends with a hug!

(one of the many blessings that i count in my life.)

Glenda visits 34th Street...
she liked the post about the blooming artichoke.
i told her how the choke was now in full bloom and so amazing.
 she is a passionate gardener and asked that i post another photo.

so this morning...

when the



    just right...



  1. I've never seen a blooming artichoke!! Nor have I seen one growing in a pot! Amazing! I planted 2 artichokes in the garden this summer and they got huge, but never produced an artichokes. Any advice?

  2. This is absolutely amazing! I have never seen an artichoke at this point' the color of lavender. So pretty how you added the border to your photo. I think if I had this in my kitchen right now I would use it as my inspiration for my Thanksgiving table!

  3. So cool, thanks Glenda for your request, I love looking at that 'choke.

    Lynne I just love your introduction to the holidays, by going to the mountains, and taking Michael Buble with you. Can I come? Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, my lovely friend, love Linda x

  4. I have never seen such a thing! I had no idea they bloomed! This is just beautiful, Lynne!


  5. Get.out! I never saw anything like it! That is just amazing to me.

  6. Amazing - I didn't know they did that! How beautiful. x Sharon