Friday, November 4, 2011

sweet November on 34th street!

it's time to turn up the heat,

crawl under a cozy blanket,

make the perfect cup of hot chocolate,

put on a favorite sweater,

and, find a mud puddle!

HaPpy WeeKeNd!

...and a spoonful of turquoise butter cream icing.


~ all images via started with
enter..."turquoise and chocolate" and
ended with a "chocolate settee and boots" surprise!  ~ 


  1. What lovely, wintry pictures. We are supposed to be having spring, but it is cold and wet today so these pictures are very appropriate! Have a cozy weekend. x Sharon

  2. This post would have been perfect for was cold and wet and windy! Today is gorgeous! Love the boots! ;-D


  3. Thank you Lynne for your beautiful visit.

    I wish you had announced that you were visiting a year ago then I would not have lost a year of visiting your wonderful site :) I now can enjoy the French Bread with you and share in all things French over here.

    I am going to so enjoy getting to know you all that you inspire :)

    Have a warm and calm weekend.

    Now lets break bread !!

  4. Oh these images make me feel all warm & cozy inside! :) And I really needed that right now!!! :)

    Happy Weekend to ya!!!


    P.S. Thank you for your kind words on my last post - truly greatly appreciated..

  5. Lynne! blog looks so lovely..a new design for you too! Beautiful! Mine's a work in progress really...haven't really been in blogging space this past year so much, as you'll see by lack of posts...but coming round ;) And I see you too have discovered Pinterest...isn't it wonderful? and addictive!! lol
    Have a lovely day my friend..
    jessie xx

  6. Hi Lynne!
    Your post just made my day! Just what this tired body needed!
    I love the color palette so cozy and inviting!
    Have a blessed weekend my friend
    hugs from here,

  7. I love these images Lynne!
    I wish there was central heating to crank up in this old house because we are freezing here!!
    Pamela xo