Wednesday, December 7, 2011

how EVER you INSPIRE me, the road trip shopping list, and a little rambling...

oh happy Wednesday, darling, DARLINGS!
last weekend Mr D and i took Holiday Hwy 2
over the Cascade Mountains to a little

Christmas town called Leavenworth with our very dear friends Steve and Alice.

the annual trip is all about ringing in the Christmas Season with great friends,

good food, some of the season's traditional libations, and shopping!
(yes, those are martini cocktail hats with birdcage veils)

~ the annual Lighting Festival draws thousands to the little town~
our shopping list...

1. chocolate dusted almonds, salt caramels, and dark truffles
from Schocolat

2.  Landjager and Carmelized Onion Cheddar
from  The Cheesemonger's Shop

3. a good mulled wine mix for my Dad

4. an elk antler?
yes! an elk antler...inspired by the photo above.
i had been wanting an
antler, i was hemmmmming... and hawwwwing... until  i read
Sharon's post about her stylish French girlfriend Marie~Laure.
Marie ~ Laure's home has to be one of the most perfect eclectic
design mixes that i have ever seen. she gives you the
courage to color outside of the lines.
Sharon...this is not the first time that i have shouted about your beautiful blog,
~ My French Country Home ~
~ my Mom gave me the beautiful Poinsettia on Thanksgiving Day!~
i FOUND my precious antler 
on the way to Leavenworth at Annie's on First, in Snohomish! one
of Annie's fabulous Santa helper's put a pretty bow and a flower on it for me,
so I would look very chic carrying it around the town! 

this weekend, i will be hanging it on the stone fireplace!

5. a Swedish Electric Candlestick?
yes!  remember my post about that beautiful white
Christmas kitchen at Hvitur Lakkris?

i had a hunch that i could find one similar at Alpen Haus Gifts, and i did!
since i am SO behind on my decorating...
just placing it in the window made our kitchen feel very Holiday!
~she has a permanent place on our shopping list~
 a little polka dot 
Christmas something...something for Holland Grace!
~ the cutest little leg warmers~

~ * ~ 

i have a crazy three days ahead of me...
yes...another list of to do's before i  deck the halls here on
34th street. there is a lot going on at work right now, including  the
final touches for the company
Christmas party
~ and ~
i have an ugly Christmas sweater to make tonight and send to Jay in Boise,

i'll try to keep up...but i may be off my rocker blogspot for a couple days!

it's merry ~ it's cozy ~  it's Christmastime!



  1. Is that your kitchen? It is beautiful! I love everything about it! May I pin it? Do you like the countertop? Is the ceiling breadboard or slats? The tile is gorgeous!


  2. Very unique and pretty images. Love the contrast of the photos.

  3. That little town looks amazing! what a fun get-away!
    You are too cute in your little martini hat! I would not pull that off quite so well!
    I wish you the best on the ugly Christmas Sweater! Last year when my youngest son was home on leave from the Navy, he attended such a party that required the wearing of an ugly Christmas Sweater.We searched high and low for my old Holiday sweaters but no luck, they were not to be found! (I have quite a collection of funky Christmas sweaters...somewhere.)
    I ended up making one for him too! I found a cool little music button to sew into it that played "Jingle bells" He won the contest for the most tacky!
    Not one of my best I guess!
    But he still talks about it!
    I look forward to seeing your mantle with your new really is cool!
    hugs from here

  4. Do you know Donna @ My Shabby Chateau? She is close to where youare too. I love that little town and have been blessed to visit it twice. I just finally broke a cup that I had bought in one of the little shops pictured above-purchased 17years ago~

    What a lovely post- the entire thing- xo Diana

  5. what a fun weekend! I love road trips - definitely my favourite type of getaway. I love all your finds and the antler is beautiful. Enjoy your preparations! xo

  6. How fun. What a perfectly Christmasy little town surrounded by those gorgeous mountains. Looks to be straight out of a movie. I love all of the little things you purchased and your inspiration behind them. That little glimpse of your own kitchen looks absolutely darling with your lavender & bay leaves. I have a Pottery Barn urn with bay leaves on my kitchen table and a glass canister of lavender on my counter...I'd say we're birds of a feather! What a wonderful shopping have such lovely taste!