Thursday, December 29, 2011

this one's for the girls! and back to Boise!

yesterday, Mr D, Chrislyn, Jay, Holland, and i took a drive up north
to the Alderwood Mall, and then on to Microsoft where Jason works.
it was a fun, family day.

 last summer, American Girl
opened a shop in the mall. it's arrival has been the talk of the town!



the first stop was a visit to Molly.
Chrislyn still has her Molly from childhood.
she has it tucked away for Holland some day.
she kept her in perfect condition.


there are many dollies to visit.
we love the dolls that carry the historical significance.

Holland was intrigued with the pretty dollies, displayed in a
colorful museum like fashion.

"happy dollidays"

Chrislyn bought a miniature "Kit Kittredge" for Holland.
Kit's story takes place during the depression. her family had
to make lifestyle changes, and rebuild their business.
i know it sounds like a sad story, but there are positive lessons
to be learned through  rough times in history. that's the message of
the American Girl dolls.

my precious dollies!

Uncle Jay and Holland.
we had lunch with Jason at Microsoft after we left the mall.

today is a bittersweet day!
 in a few minutes i will be making coffee and Mr D's lunch.
in a couple hours, i'll be driving Jay to
the airport. then on to work.
it's back to Boise and back to business as usual.
goodbyes are tough, but i am already thinking about the next hello!
we made lot's of desktop and telephone wall paper this Christmas!

"group hug today!"



  1. Although my girls didn't get into American Girl dolls, they read many of the books. The stores are neat...the one in Chicago hosts tea parties.

    You know it's been a great holiday when you have all that wallpaper! ;-D


  2. You have a treaure trove of good memories to hold you for awhile!!

    I loved seeing the pics of your lovely loved ones.

  3. American Girl Dolls, love them. My daughter has Kit too! (she is 19 now, so Kit is put away with all her accessories for now) and she loved the books too. What a fun store:) I love your granddaughters name! so unique. Thank you for sharing, have safe travels. Been alot of rain and wind up here in the NW!

  4. We love the American girls here,too. My gift to my granddaughters was always an American girl doll on their 5th birthday. Now my 9 year old is learning to sew and will be making clothes for her. Crazy, huh?

    Your family is just lovely...that little girl is just beautiful! xo Diana