Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter calls...

we're on the holiday road, in PacNWest style!

which way do we go?

Annie's On First...Snohomish, Washington
it shall be to the mountain tops...

to play in the snow!

we're Winterspirit bound!

more Christmas play is on the horizon!


~all photos from the weekend with my little point and shoot~


  1. So pretty! I wish it would snow! {But I don't have to drive much in it!}

  2. Ahhhhhh.....brings back memories of ski vacations! I hope to visit the mountains in winter again!! Have FUN!! I look forward to you posting about it!!! PLEASE!

  3. So nice to live vicariously as it has been in the low 70s here recently. Beautiful photos!


  4. Lovely post an such gorgeous images so Chrismassy!
    Just discovered your blog and love it, now following!

    Abigail x