Saturday, February 19, 2011

sea glass...

it kinda goes hand in hand

 with the whole

vintage bottle story that's

 happening out there...

the jewelry made from this little
ocean treasure will be a
perfect accessory to 
spring ~ summer 2011's
soft bohemian looks

cool silver drops


my favorites are manipulations with pearl

~ and ~

bezel settings in silver...

{ tiny windows, tumbled by nature}

a bezel set ring would be a

striking  touch on the digit finger!


this is my favorite piece of

sea glass. Jason's (my son ~in~law) dad

is a diver...he found this in the harbor at

Port Townsend. it's an old glue bottle.

have a lovely weekend!

{with love}

Friday, February 18, 2011

fashion on friday...

last night i dreamed that
i packed for a weekend

~Donna Karan~
washed cotton tunic
washed silk tiered skirt

breezy chic!

casual & comfortable...

marshmallow necklace


love story

sunshine...and soft dressing... 

~Donna Karan~
washed linen jersey tank
washed broadcloth tiered skirt

... soaking up natural vitamin D!

jersey seaweed cord with mixed
metal beads


i feel a crafty project coming on!

~Donna Karan~
washed habotai asymmetrical tunic
washed textured twill skinny pant

classic boot cut
and walks in the warm sand...
nature's pedicure!

{with love}

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my son, Jay loves to give a bouquet...

...from the heart of Seattle

yes...Seattle's heart!

a jewel in the emerald city...

a place filled with history and charm...

we have treasured memories of

our visits dating back

to all of our childhoods...

it holds beauty,

creative energy,


...amazing aroma therapy!

everything is fresh!

yummy Dungeness!

Watch out for flying fish!

fresh bread!

fresh fruit!

...and veggies!

there is an overwhelming display of...

~ *flowers!*~

freshly picked!

freshly arranged!

and ready to {give} or take home!

i love my birthday flowers...

fresh from The Pike Place Market!

(Jay drove from Lewiston, Idaho...

to downtown Seattle...

to deliver this

lovely bouquet!)

thank you, son!

{with love}

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

fifty ~'s all good!

my cupboard is half full!

i'll be adding a jar of hugs...
a jar of laughter...
a jar of joy...
a jar of happiness...
a jar of life's celebrations...
~ and ~
with my
some really cool shoes

to make

{with love}

Photography by: Cinzia Bruschini