Saturday, May 7, 2011

heavy metal...

when Jami at freckled laundry

decided to have a metal Saturday party

all i could think of was heavy metal.

so, i put on "sweet child of mine" 

(my son's ring tone on my cell) 

and grabbed the

old point and shoot...

rock around the olde garden clock
if you hear loud music coming

from our place, it usually means

it's time to clean!

rust on baby!

 oops...a little loud,

i'll go back inside!

a's heavy!
this little device cancelled checks at the building
and loan..way before heavy metal...
way before rock n roll!

we have a lot of heavy metal
here on 34th street...
but it's time to turn down the
volume a bit and put on a little


our chandie! it's always filled
with what motivates us and ... pretty stuff!
it's a favorite, a motivator,

a song you can just

belt out in a crowd!



{with love}

Friday, May 6, 2011

[GATHER TO INSPIRE] ... Emily, at jones design company

happy Friday everyone!

you may have noticed a few visual changes
here at 34th street. along with the visual changes,
i have decided to start a feature called...

~the heart that gives, gathers!~
(love you, inspired this)

it's going to be fun...and in June, there will
be a few surprises!


Dear Emily, thank you for 

the very bright and inspirational

week of tutorials!

Emily is a very popular blogger,

so most of you may have already

popped in for a visit,

but, i just had to dish about her!


not only has she given us five days

of fancy flowers...

~visit Emily here~

she had given us all the opportunity to

download a cute Mother's Day card!

Such a thoughtful gesture

 for the busy at heart!


here's a Mother's Day salute'

to the woman that inspired me to paint

the inside of my front door with

chalkboard paint...and much more!

yes, the print is one of Emily's
graphic art prints. i just plopped it on
my metal chalkboard door!
it gave me inspiration during the
rainiest month of April ever in the PacNWest!

{with love}

Thursday, May 5, 2011

P E T I T ~ C O T E R I E...PILLOWS...

i had been interested in the style
and quality of the pretty pillows from...

~ here ~

the prices were a too high
for my budget...


i subscribe to One King's Lane.

~ here ~

on April 14th, i received an email with
their daily specials... Wow!
Petit Coterie pillows!
the prices were slashed up
to 70%...

if you are familiar with One King's Lane...
the quantities are very limited,
and it's first come first serve.
i scored the "home of chocolate" pillow.

 and...some oats! 

oatmeal and du pain avec du chocolat!

that's me!

on the bottom left corner of each pillow,
there is a little holy medal
with the image of 
Saint-Michel l'ange à l'arc.
on the back of the medal it says
"pray for us"... such a sweet little touch!

i just have to share this photo
of the burlap bed skirt
from their bedding collection...
i collect Mattelesse'.
~ i love the mix.~

happy Thursday!

{with love}

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

pink picnic the sunshine!

pink ~ picnic ~ day


pressed linens...

a sweet dress
made with vintage silk
and organic cotton

i only use brown paper or white
freezer paper to wrap gifts. i love to
embellish  the gift with "more gifts".
for our gift, i chose a lace doily
to further embrace the design story
of the cross and a sweet child's book!

we're packed and ready to go!

welcome to the pink picnic celebration!

hello Spring!
(mason jars with divine twine
and bird tags were placed
throughout the house!)

thank you sweet family...

...and friends!

Bakery Nouveau's Macarons,
mama biscotti, and cello bags
filled with Nanni's sweet pink mix!

...and here are the 3 bite pies!
they were a hit...however,
the chocolate bites with pink fluffy
frosting went first! ~yum!

a sweet pink buffet!

Chrislyn and Jason
dressed for the theme.

a quick little peek...

at her nursery...

~ under construction ~

...the cutest...

 new Mom and Dad to be!

{with love}

we served barbecue from
Famous Dave's...
here's a link to some of their shared recipes!

Monday, May 2, 2011

a pink picnic pictorial! part one, Friday's prep...

we rise early here at our place on 34th street!

and it wasn't any different on my day off last Friday,

as i prepped for Saturday's picnic. 

by 6:00 am i was showered and

good to go! i drove to West Seattle to visit

Bakery Nouveau...

good morning Macaron!

i made a quick stop at my mom's house to

drop off the pink & white Divine Twine and

cello bags for the special sweet mix that

she had made! ( you will see the bags of sweetness

 in tomorrow's post).

then...back home to bake...bake...and bake.

first on the list: three bite baby pies

you start with your favorite recipe for pie crust,

(the store bought pie crust works well too!)

i used my fave old biscuit cutter, a pastry brush

 our fam's favorite filling(s), and a mix of two parts egg

and one part water as an egg wash!

i egg washed the edges of the bottom pieces,

then added a dot of filling.  

before placing the top

piece on...i stamped "baby" and a tiny heart

with rubber stamp letters

that i keep with my cookie cutter stash!

~ yum ~

oops...i almost forgot to tell you...i use

parchment paper...

they take exactly twenty minutes at 350 degrees.

aren't they the cutest?

you can see "baby" and the little vents that

i poked with a skewer...


next: Mama Biscotti...

just a couple pics...i will post a tutorial

in the future!


brownies bites with pink fluffy frosting...

packed and ready for delivery!


we went over to Chrislyn and Jason's house

to deliver extra chairs. Chrislyn is a great cook,

she made us killer calzones and salad. we dined, talked

about the final details for the picnic and of course,


see you all tomorrow for part two!

{with love}