Thursday, June 30, 2011

just a quick little announcement...

our grandee girl
has arrived!
Holland Grace!

June ~ 29 ~ 2011

4:38pm PDT

8 lbs 6 oz  ~  20 3/4 in


[with love]

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

always rearranging...that's me!

i love my visitors...
you are the sweetest, most supportive friends!

i have been changing and rearranging 
a lot... trying on blog 
backgrounds like trying on shoes. 

then, last week i was playing around with template 
designer and found the way i could make my own 
background! i love it! i think it will be a good 
"year ~ around ~ ground"
because it can be interpreted as lovely linen or
beloved burlap. it's neutral. i can dress it up or down,
"take it from daytime to evening", as we would say 
in the world of fashion!


casual chic!

i am definitely not a computer
 graphic designer and i work full time...
so this process has been slow for me!
and.... the fun thing is that most of us are in
floating in the same boat. 
i see such GENIUS 
coming from each of you every day!



i plan to change my banner a bit here and
there. you see, i'm an old retail dog,
(yeah that's what we call ourselves).
we live to change the window displays...

 move the merchandise, and bring in the new! 

i found a font!
it almost matches the way i write print!
i now feel like i am actually hand writing
 printing my posts!

have the greatest day!
thanks for listening to my whimsical self!

Monday, June 27, 2011

pop up market Monday...

~ JWrobel ~

luscious naturalness!
linen love!
lined with...
 cotton awning awesomeness!
and then there is...
organic cotton and silk...
for my sweet baby grandee girl!
(who should be here on Tuesday or Wednesday!)
more organic cotton and silk
yumminess from... 
Jess's etsy shoppes
~clutch accessories ~ here!
~broodbaby ~ here!

[with love]

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

gifts from the sea and diamonds for dessert!

i love it when i stumble onto 
something that triggers a sweet memory!
this whole Pinterest thing is another
fun pheeeenom, an avenue
of  daily discovery and delight! memory!

sand dollars remind me of my Grandmother Elizabeth...
if you follow my blog, you know i have been in a
 grandmother state - of - mind lately.
 (any day now)
Grandma and i would gather the sea cookies
(that's what i called them when i was little).
 we would take them to her house to be cleaned, and

 placed in her amazing garden. on occasion,
she would let me break one open to find a star, or even a
sillier mid century kitchy thing...
we would paint the little flower - like image 
with her red nail polish

when i stumbled upon the image of the 
sand cookies at pinterest, 
i just had to investigate. i found this cute sweet little blog
~ Diamonds for Dessert ~
to add a little more sugar to the story
the publisher of  "D for D" is
...a recent college grad, with a goal of
med school!

for the RECIPE and TUTORIAL...
visit Diamonds for Dessert
~ here ~
happy weekend, dear friends! i don't
know about you, but i'm up for a trip to 
a beach with sand that looks like sugar!

[with love]

Friday, June 24, 2011


waiting for the phone call 
dreaming about what she'll look like 

the looks are from 
such sweet stuff!

[with love]

Thursday, June 23, 2011

score! craigslist... $200.00

the empty corner...

is chillin' !

( i'm showing the real deal here...presently
it's all about clutter and transition.
excuse the ugly wall to wall carpet...
it's going away forever this fall.  the weekend
before it goes it will be "party carpet".)

next step PB shelves... and hide the cord!

(if you are wondering about my chandie...
it's loaded with baseballs and lavender!
it's my off beat interpretation of red, white & blue
as we prepare to celebrate
the Fourth of July!

[with cool love]

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday's wrap...

for my friend...

who loves to bake!

i love unique boxes...
in this case, a vintage box filled 
with  twenty vintage pastry cones...
the wrap:
i  folded a keepsake hankie  in
half and then folded it again as you would to 
make a paper fan! i tied it in the center
 with some baker's twine.

the placement of the "hankie bow" is
the key creates a very 
bon appetit ~ chic look!

what are pastry cones?
they are fun to bake with!
i'll be doing a tutorial soon!

[baked with love]

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ahhhhh Summertime!!!

{Red, White & Lavender Blue}

 the boys and girls of Summer
are on the chandie!


[with lavender & baseball love]

Monday, June 20, 2011

a GNN update...and nighty night!

the good news is...
i cancelled my doctor appointment for my silly
pinkie toe...because... i could finally get a shoe on!
i apologize for whining...i was just worried about
living in flip flops for the rest of my life...ha!
i'm in real shoes and p.t. will be splinted to
her next door neighbor for 3 to 6 weeks...

i'm movin' on..
thanks to all of you that shared concern!
you are dear and supportive!
 sleep tight and sweet dreams for
tomorrow when we wake up to Summertime
in the Northern Hemisphere!

~ L~
[with one more sleep til' Summer love]

{crazy little sunshine sandal ~ polivore}

some random hello Monday thoughts...

~ here ~

still a fave image!
~ Holly ~

this week brings joy, a new season
 and more anticipation!
today is Chrislyn's due date...and the doc's
say she'll likely be overdue.

i broke my right pinkie toe last Monday morning
while tidying up the living room.  i caught it
on a trunk chest that doubles for the coffee table.
i thought...
silly, there's nothing you can do for a broken toe...
this morning i am going to the orthopedic doc to
check it out...
i haven't had a real shoe on for a week!

thank God for Summertime and some
fashionable flip flops.

it's busy at work...although i am a little overwhelmed
 right's a good thing!


 it's official...i can say something! my son Jay, 
 just landed a great job...he's moving!
we'll have to fly for a weekend visit now...

@KLEWSportsGuy ÜT: 46.410629,-117.037476
Sports Anchor @ KLEW (CBS) but soon moving to KTVB (NBC) in Boise. WSU Alum! Cover Boise St., Idaho, WSU & LCSC.
*Ordinary people can do extraordinary things.*

it's pop up market day!

Emily from
jones design company is on the sidebar!

art prints

name prints
 she's one stop shopping for inspirational
prints and greeting cards!


i'm happily limping along and smiling big!
[with love]