Saturday, July 9, 2011

bedtime stories, lullabies and Peacock dreams...

story time...

while staying at Holland's house...

i have been sleeping

in the Peacock room.

Chrislyn left for college on the wave
of "Elle Woods" in the Fall of 2001.
everything was sparkly pink! when she finished 
college, she came home to do an internship with 
the state legislature and run a state senate campaign...
she lived at home for awhile.


 one day she mentioned that she loved Peacock 
feathers. i found this wreath at one of my
favorite nursery boutiques (Van Lierop Farms)
in Puyallup. i found the sparkly glass "C" 

at an antique store in nearby Sumner...
thus we had the inspiration piece to depart 
"Legally Blonde" for Peacock blue with antique glass. 


after meeting and marrying Jason...
the Peacock wreath moved
to it's prominent place in their guest room!

i have been visiting and helping 
set the stage for Holland's transition into
our great big world!

Urban Outfitters

in the wee hours, Chrislyn and Holland and i

Christian Dior Spring ~ Summer 2011

have been sharing soft lullabies

 and whispering stories about Chrislyn 
when she was a baby. you know...
three generation "girlie talk". 

after the feedings and the changes.     


i go back to the Peacock room

and drift off


 Peacock painted dreams.

hugs to all...have a wonderful weekend!

[with love]

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

texting mr dreams today...

honey... on the way 

...home, will you

stop by the bakery...

and pick me up 

" a perfect slice of French bread!"
over the weekend, i saw this in a furniture
was love at first bite sight! if only i had an extra 1700.00
for some whimsy spending!
[with love]