Sunday, August 7, 2011

Holland's sweet Sunday tale...

today Holland was welcomed

into her church community

with a fairy tale party.

 pretty places were set for the occasion.

we sipped strawberry lemonade,

and admired the displays of story 
books and freshly picked flowers.

the  yummy food was

 made with love,

and framed with sweet blessings.

the sensational salads and

watermelon wands were waiting
to be feasted upon.

Holland is blessed, and loved,
which makes this "grandmom"
equally blessed and
 grateful this day.

and...through my looking glass,
are visions of a another
dream come true here
on 34th street!

[with love]

it's been awhile...time for a little sprinkle of French Sugar!

[with sweet Sunday love]

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Seattle's summer party has started, and the best party house on the boulevard!

yesterday we took a little drive up north to
 Seattle to watch the Blue Angels fly.

 the city of Seattle has a summer celebration 
called Seafair. (mr d and i were born and raised in
Seattle.) the finale of Seafair week, is a hydroplane
race on Lake Washington. it's one big party weekend 

on the lake. this house "got" my vote for 
the best place to party, family style!

it's the biggest slip and slide i have ever seen!
i apologize about the photo quality, but
i just had to share some crazy Seattle summer fun!

happy August weekend to you!

[with looooooooooooove]

Friday, August 5, 2011

what i bought at the Barn House...

my Barn House budget got a big hit when i found
out that my little Toyota needed new front brakes
after it's 30,000 mile check up!
with the new monetary allowance in place,
i was on a mission to find a jar for my lavender
and a Homer Laughlin, or an ironstone platter.

mission accomplished!

i found this old battery jar. it was the ceramic 
lid that captured my attention.

a clever person actually placed an appropriate little 
matching ceramic knob on the jar. the additional hole 
allows the fragrance to drift out!

in my utensil drawer, i found an old ornate tea strainer
 to use as a scoop.

 i love the play of patina and texture on
our old wooden table...

and it's simple presence under our chandee,
where the lavender, recently harvested from our
back yard is drying. 

next... the platter...

the cool thing about going to the big Barn House event 
is that others in the Battle Ground community 
seize the opportunity to set up shop.

 on the way home, my friend Deb and i stopped to browse
 at this stunning little countryside corner. 
(no, that's not us in the pic)

i had $12.00 left and i was still seeking a platter.

i found a Homer Laughlin at Voondi's little booth 
for $9.00, and i still had $3.00 left in my pocket 
when i returned home!

have a great weekend! 

if "plans keep", mr d and i will be "panelling" 
the dining room tomorrow...
i hope the plans keep...because 
i would love to share some transition
photos with you on Monday!

[with love]

Thursday, August 4, 2011

sporting the Barn House!

the great outdoors!

 champs & cheer!

wood & laced leather!

 i hope you enjoyed the Barn House Series...tomorrow,
i'll show you what i purchased!

[with GIVE ME an L-O-V-E love]

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

at the Barn is Farmhouse fun!

Country Farmhouse Chic (shoot) from her 
cowboy boots to her down home roots...

She's country Farmhouse Chic, from the 
songs she plays to the prayers she prays... 

that's the way she was born and raised, 
she ain't afraid to stay, 

country Farmhouse Chic

Nothin' but country Farmhouse Chic!

[with country "farmhouse Frye" love]

~inspired by those rockin' words from Jason Aldean!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alice couldn't make the trip to the Barn House...

my friend Alice's dog Brewski "got sick". 
 after visit to the vet, a whopping vet bill,
 Brewki's need to convalesce, 
and her hubby out of town, the notion of
leaving him overnight at his favorite kennel 
was out of the question. 

Al lives in a Chalet. her great room and 
kitchen are accented with the color red.  
sooooo...i decided that
i would post my favorite red images...
and feature Seabold Vintage Market.

my interpretation of the
designs from Seabold Vintage Market is... 
French bread with a spoonful
of  "Alpineberry" jam!

 Alice, this post is for you and all 
that are inspired by the color red. 

~ visit Seabold Vintage here~

{with love}

Monday, August 1, 2011

at the Barn House..."ticking" time

simple and humble elements of yesterday...

~love the little burlap flowers with metal numbers 
and the "happenstance"reflection in the mirror~

are gathered, revived,

~ a perfect mix of time worn treasure ~

and displayed to inspire our present!

{with Love}