Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Nuit D'Aout !"

“Nuit D’Aout” (August Night) ball gown is from 
Dior’s Spring-Summer 1954 collection.
Have a perfectly "Romantic" August night!

[with love]

Thursday, August 11, 2011

where should it go?

when you don't have a mantel on your 
stone fireplace and you never have been
a fan of entertainment centers... about... on an easel in the corner?  our TV is
all black so it would look even better than this 
photo. what do YOU think?

[with love]

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

this whole grain sack thing...

has captivated me.

yesterday, when i was visiting Pinterest
i stumbled upon perfect grain sack 
collage from ~here~. 

the unique quality about the grain sack, is it's 
ability to be casual, chic, or modern.


now for a grain sack shoppe extraordinaire!

  she sells the traditional red and French blue,
but when i saw the caramel, toffee, aubergine 
and dark indigo mixed with gray, i felt that
i should take you there as well!

visit this literal grain sack museum 

....and "bear with me" while i play with
my newest design obsession!

[with love]

Monday, August 8, 2011

the dining room...i have a confession...

for the past 5 months...yes 5 months,
i have been hiding a wall in our 
dining room.

this is my dining room on
Saturday morning...
no photoshop, the real deal!
(don't laugh at the baseballs...
it's just a little tribute to my son,
the sport's guy!)

unfinished, and flanked
with power tools waiting to

 power up for an afternoon of
sawdust and sweat!

with the help of his
lovely assistant... mr d finished
the first phase
of our dining room wall transformation. 

next...the major paint decision...
which shade of white?

[with love]

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Holland's sweet Sunday tale...

today Holland was welcomed

into her church community

with a fairy tale party.

 pretty places were set for the occasion.

we sipped strawberry lemonade,

and admired the displays of story 
books and freshly picked flowers.

the  yummy food was

 made with love,

and framed with sweet blessings.

the sensational salads and

watermelon wands were waiting
to be feasted upon.

Holland is blessed, and loved,
which makes this "grandmom"
equally blessed and
 grateful this day.

and...through my looking glass,
are visions of a another
dream come true here
on 34th street!

[with love]

it's been awhile...time for a little sprinkle of French Sugar!

[with sweet Sunday love]