Saturday, October 29, 2011

i found the perfect pumpkin!

last Saturday we went pumpkin hunting at Watson's Greenhouse!

there were ghosts and spiders.

the attire was compost chic!

the pumpkins were popping out of purple places,

and crazy Mrs. Mossybloom was guarding the Cinderellas!

it was while standing among the fragrant Fall flowers,
 that i realized i was
 holding the sweetest...prettiest...

...the most preciously perfect pumpkin off all!
i shall LOVE her forever!

hAppY HaLLoWeEN!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

one year! gather...give...glassybaby!

it began with...

...a phone call!

"Mom...i'm so excited. Jason is taking me to
Lake Forest Park to meet The Pioneer Woman!"

(i had not yet heard of  the PW)

" have your heard of her?"

( wow, was i behind the times!)

"she has a blog, and she has written the most amazing cookbook!"

(blog...i keep hearing BLOG)

Chrislyn and PW at the Lake Forest Park bookstore 2010.
the joyous meeting! sheer fun! Rhee loved Chrislyn's handwoven scarf!


i decided to visit
The Pioneer Woman
and was set on the path to
my first post!
( appropriate!)

my first post
October 27, 2010

did you notice my first follower?

~ Sweet Jami, here ~

are you ready? let's celebrate!

TODAY is a  special day for dreams. 
glassybaby "dream"
how appropriate that "glassybaby dream"
is my blank canvas.
 it's today's gift to my sweet friend Jami 
for officially welcoming me to the world of blogging,
 based on a blank canvas!
if you know Jami, this little baby will look perfect
at her place!
thank you, sweet!


there's more and 
it's easy!

if you would like to win a glassybaby

just visit

1. pick your color....comeback and state it in your comment.

2.  i will be giving a glassybaby away on the 27th
of the month for one year. 
this means that
 i will announce the first winner in a post on
 November 27th, at which time, the give a way
will start all over again!

the greatest thing about this give a way is that the ultimate gift is good will!
you can read about it at the glassybaby website!

also, i need to state that glassybaby is not a sponsor. 
i happen to love the story and the magic that makes their product.
it's handmade here in the PacNWest and supports
a shared philosophy...
the heart that gives...GATHERS!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the "10 ~ 4" on just checking!

if you have been following me for

for over a month, you may have noticed my

"just checking, because i LOVE you", pink posts.
today's post is a little bigger, in honor of 
~Breast Cancer Awareness Month~

tomorrow i will be celebrating one year blogging
about dreams and life here on 34th street.

 i am loving my journey and feel blessed to have met
so many wonderful friends along the way.

i remind you to check each month because i am a
breast cancer survivor.

there was no history of this disease in my family.
i implore you to check your family history and follow the guidelines.

i had a baseline mammogram at age 40.

the doctor was watching a
radial scar on the left side for NINE years...
one day in August 2009 she spied a tiny change.

~ glassybaby smooch! here ~

Stage one. 
 two small surgeries to 
assure the margins.
no lymph node involvement.
no chemo.
about 6 weeks radiation.
i still have both girls! 
 they don't even say remission
any more...the say


some people may think

that this pink stuff is overdone.
but, the awareness has saved lives.
before two years ago, i associated the color pink

with my bubble gum years and Elle Woods !

this is how i view the color PINK and the
beautiful ribbon today.

i will keep collecting the prettiest pink images 
to share once a month!
because i LOVE you all
 and i LOVE my life here on 34th Street.

[ w/L]

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

haunting silhouettes...and found treasures...

good morning, mechickas!
(i just had to carry the silly word over from my last post!
today the word takes on a whole new meaning!
i love word play and made up words that
eventually become real words a la Webster! )


there has been a lot of  blogspeak about silhouettes.

~hgtv here~

 silhouettes are hauntingly  fun!
perfect for Halloween! 
you can go scary (above) ...


or  my favorite interpretation of the holiday ...not so scary!

~* ~

a few years ago...


... my mom asked me if i wanted 
some unusual old dishes and bake ware that
 were found at my Grandmother Hazel's home.
when i saw them...i paused...then i became elated! 

they would be perfect 
for our Halloween decor!

the dishes are not the happiest...
i'm not quite certain why someone would want sad dishes...
but somehow they made it into our family vintage trunk!
the image sort of reminds me of the little
"jack sprat and the clean platter" story of olde.

oh... the little doggie begging for scraps...sad.

hence scary...hence perfect for Halloween!

 a happy ending is in store for this sad little silhouette.
the bowls will be filled with GOODIES for Halloween Night...
...even biscuits for the puppy dogs!


this post has inspired me to make treat sacks for the 
trick~or~ treat'er's moms & dads!
i'm going to use craft paper and my little French bon bon stamp.

have a great Tuesday!