Saturday, November 12, 2011

let's make some Bomboloni!

first of all it's so very fun to say! 

~ Bomboloni! ~

 before i get started...i wish to dedicate this post 
 my Grandpa John Bozzello. he was the head chef
at the Italian Village in Downtown Seattle.

when Grandpa retired, they closed the restaurant. here is one of my keepsakes.

 he doesn't live here on earth any longer, but his life spirit is within me!
he called me Lindee and i loved love it!

~recipe here~ looks like a jelly donut.

Bomboloni are smaller!

~ the easiest recipe is  here~
we dust them sugar!

~recipe here~
we roll them in sugar!

we fill them with Nutella,

raspberry jam,

~ a little measuring challenge but authentic here~
or lemon curd!

i'll be making ours on Sunday morning!

Bomboloni, baby!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

harvesting inspiration...our farm table in the city...and a give a way.

on Thanksgiving Day,
we will sit at 
~ our farm table in the city ~
it will be inspired by  Andrea

~ Stephen Rapp

last weekend she styled a luncheon for the San Diego
Certified Organic can read more about it here!

~ from the November 2011 issue of Romantic Homes ~

her article, Give Freely, inspired me with the simple 
sentimentality of gifts made from washed burlap.
she also included some sweet recipes.

...while blogging around our virtual town... i stopped in to visit
Yvonne at Stone Gable...
(i can't believe that i'm telling you all about this
because...i want to win!) but...i'm a team player and a
good sport so here goes...

get the details  ~here~
as if the precious goodies from The French Basketeer aren't enough,
Yvonne added one of her own plush velvet pumpkins!
thank you, Andrea and Yvonne!

good luck and God bless!


Monday, November 7, 2011

the artichokes have a new home...

good day to all!

on October 3rd, i wrote a little post about our
Summer garden experiment. 
growing Artichokes in the PacNWest!
the project was inspired by my sweet blog friend 
Linda at Flowers On My Table.

~ if you would may read the post here ~

yesterday...i caved in...the chokes were frosted by was time to come in.

you may notice that the bloom on top is kinda of purply
and different. it was the first bloom, which, according to
this wonderful French gardening site...we should have nipped!
Mr D. and i just didn't have the heart to do it, because we
were so elated when we spied that first bloom!
( next year we will have more confidence!)

deep breath...CLIP!

here they are at my kitchen sink, on Sunday morn'!
i hung the stock upside down to start the drying process...
we had our Great niece, Brogan Rae's first B-day party to attend.

this photo was taken this morning at about 5:30 am,
just after Mr. D. left for work.
i clipped the blooms from the stock and popped them into Terracotta pots.
 i thought they looked a little naked, so i grabbed some Spanish moss
and raffia from my potting bench.

i made each bloom a little moss nest. because of  it's diminutive cuteness,
 i tucked a small raffia bow into the nest of the smallest choke.
for now, they look perfect with my Lavender jar next to our kitchen sink.

~ the little chokes will have a place on our Thanksgiving
the gathering of inspiration begins~

Mr D. and i have chosen a spot to transplant our bare plant.
we will give it a warm blanket of mulch.
in the Springtime, we plan to add two more plants...and... in the Fall of 2012,
we'll harvest, add butter, and dine with French Bread and wine!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

a romance with baking papers...

last night, after returning from the
Enchanted Evening Holiday Benefit, i started to
plan my holiday baking and hostess gifting.

i have decided to transform our simple little 34th 
street kitchen into a boulangerie ~ panificio.

it will be possible with little help from Sur la table and a few 
other  resources featured here today...

how pretty the pumpkin donuts look in the 
Panettoni ~ Brioche wrappers.

perfect paper baked gifts!

there are Tulips to be picked...

to bake and to hold...

here is a sweet suggestion from Matthew Meade!

a how to...

above...there is parchment!  so elegant!

i'm not sure how much more excited one can get about...
(just Google)


aside from baking for a second...some simple paper magic...
...with a wrapper, a tiny exacto "X" and twinkle lights!

pass the bread paper please!