Saturday, December 17, 2011

hunting for Holland's first tree, meeting Santa, Christmas movie night, and some kindergarten angels...

a week ago, we all went to the Snowshoe Tree Farm
to hunt for our Christmas trees. here is a cute snap
of Jason, Holland and Chrislyn in front of their chosen tree.

Holland Grace didn't mind the rain...

she was wearing her new snowsuit from H&M.
i am impressed with the quality of most of their infant clothing!
the suit has separate mittens and boots...fully lined with a hood
 and was only 15.00!  Chrislyn said she could not pass up on the pink 
"Darryl, Darryl and Darryl" hat! ( we loved Bob Newhart)

it's a beauty...T I M B E R RRRRRRRRRRRRR!

on meeting Santa...
she held his hand, but did not take her eyes off of
Mommy and Daddy!

~ * ~

tonight we are watching old Christmas movies

and i am making some simple little

kindergarten angels for the chandie!

 i found this really cool wired flat paper covered in glitter
at Annie's on first in Snohomish.

it's perfect for making halos.
i'm cutting up a crisp new white flour sack tea towel for
their dresses  robes.

so...multi tasking it is...blogging, gathering little
angel robes, crocheting ribbons and garland
 and watching old movies.

my kitchen workshop!

Merry Christmastime!
sugar plum dreams ahead!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

sharing some free Christmas " love letters" ...

i am eagerly anticipating the weekend so i can start 
taking a few photos around 34th street.
( i am never home in the daylight accept for the weekends!)


in the mean time...i found this on Pinterest this morning!

look here!

last Saturday, i went over to Chrislyn , Jason and Holland's house
to work on some Christmas paper crafting projects. there is a little room off
of their living room that they are making into a library / play area for
Holland Grace. atop the bookcase, Chrislyn framed a print that she
found at jones design company.   you can find it ...


how beautiful, is the message!

how it warms a home and a heart!

Merry Christmastime!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

i can't get this song out of my head...

so i am going to pass it on  to you!

i have just fallen in love with this whole marshmallow trend!

visit here to find a post "fluffed" with tutorials!

if there was a definition of  "Marshmallow Chic",

it would be here!

need a recipe?

a craft with the kids?

need i say more? Anthro's doin' it!

the Marshmallow World has come full circle since 

i'll make some fluffy hot chocolate and dance with my grand babies
with only the lights of Christmas shining on 34th Street!
are you ready to twirl with me Holland Grace?