Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a simple journal, on the calendar, and some pretty inspiration.

there are some very creative ideas and

down loads popping up in blog land right now.

here's a cute idea for a journal.

(i could use that amazing berry / market basket

it's from design sponge! tutorial here!

i am thinking of the concept for a handy little recipe box!

Heather has collected a bunch of download fun!
~ here ~

Emily has a monthly subscription that offers a stylish way to plan and organize.

looking for some pretty inspiration?

Jennifer Holmes offers a free printable each month.

she posted it this morning!
~ here ~

it's Mama Biscotti day at work!  i have some toasting to get to!

have a great day!



  1. Some really great ideas here. Don't you love all the neat ideas that are floating around in Blog land? xo Diana

  2. great ideas. I love those baskets from Anthro. Someone brought one filled with christmas cookies for a hostess gift this year. so clever.


  3. Oh I love the idea of the berry basket as a recipe box! Very clever.

  4. Thanks for the little shout out - you are so sweet! Happy new year and take care...

  5. Some neat ideas Lynne. I like the poem but can't seem to download it. I'll try later. Have a great week, love Linda x

  6. I love the berry box. SUCH creative ideas out here in Blogland! I am going back now to visit your links.......Thanks!

  7. I love the berry box journal idea! A great post!
    Happy New Year Lynne.