Monday, January 2, 2012

a miracle on day one!

during the past couple of weeks, my favorite aunt became very ill. 
last Thursday she suffered another set back and was placed on life support. 
when you hear such news, the first thing that runs through your mind is...
...prepare for a goodbye. 

i kept saying to myself...she's a fighter, she has spunk, she's not ready...

i could visualize the last time that i saw her. it was in September. my Mom and
Dad and I drove to Salem to take her out to dinner.  she was standing in her 
front yard in a pretty flowered sundress and bare feet waving to greet us!

i remember how excited she was when Chrislyn was born on her birthday!
{so was I!}

when i was sick, a couple years ago, she sent me a funny card telling me that i 
was tougher than the disease i was battling. 
 (no, God, she's not ready to leave quite yet.)

yesterday,  Mom called and told me some amazing news. 
"she's off  life support and she is speaking! her right side is weak, but not paralyzed!"


when we hung up, a simple thought crossed my mind.
life support is so much more than a machine.
life support happens throughout your day.  it's all around us! 

i am going to embrace this day!

i am going to embrace this year!

~ i have several friends and family members with loved ones that are facing medical 
challenges. i have been praying and keeping them in my everyday thoughts.~

today, i am lifted by yesterday's miracle!

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Mr D. and i have the day off. in a minute we' ll be taking a groupon 
to Legendary Donuts, and delivering some as a little surprise!

~hot cocoa~
i'm not worried about the calories because we have to go to Costco,

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and  put Christmas away. 
tomorrow it's back to daily workouts, business as usual, and
more days filled with ordinary and extraordinary miracles!

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do i really have to put all of the twinkle lights away?



  1. AWESOME news! So sorry to read that your Aunt is ill but happy that she's off life support! I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you wrote about "life support is all around us." So very true and I thank you for your life support, Lynne! That was such a powerful little line. And NO, you do not need to take the twinkle lights down! I bought some teeny tiny twinkle lights on clearance and now I'm just wondering where to stick em'. I think I might wrap them around the chair that I use as a night stand in the bedroom. Blessings!

  2. That is such fantastic news!! So happy for you and your family. Looks like 2012 is off to a great start!!!!

  3. Awwwww..keep a few of the twinkle lights out- I think I will!

    What wonderful news about your Auntie! Sounds like God left her here so you can enjoy her for a while on this side of the Great Divide! I hope that God continues to bless and heal her- xo Diana

  4. That is such wonderful, uplifting news about your Aunt! I'm glad to hear it. A miracle at the start of a New Year has to be a great sign of things to come.

  5. this post made me very happy. I will say a few prayers of my own for her.

    Happy new year!


  6. The news about your Aunt is so uplifting...truly a miracle and at the best time. I wish her continued improvement.

    We de~Christmased today and it is neat but a little bare. Time to start cluttering!


  7. What great news about your aunt...your writing had me captivated from the very start! I do love twinkle lights and even though Christmas has been put away...I had to leave one small strand of twinkle lights to keep shining through the winter months. I love that glassybaby....miracle...a wonderful company!

  8. AWESOME about your aunt!!! What a great way to start the year!! I am so excited for 2012...and what great things it brings!

    Thanks for all your support :)


  9. That is wonderful news about your aunt! I am so relieved for you, my friend!
    I am glad to hear you and your husband had a fun day off together! I hope it was a great day for you both!

    Oh, and I don't think you have to put all the Christmas lights away if you don't want to! I always keep some on a little longer, and this year we are keeping our two baby {faux} trees out for a while! They make me happy! :)

    I hope your Tuesday is lovely!


  10. What an amazing story! Hallelujah! What a wonderful way to start this new year!
    Christmas will remain up at our house until the 6th...which the calender calls boxing day. I have done this for years...don't even remember when I started but to me it means another week of Christmas!
    Have a great day!
    hugs from here

  11. P.S. Keep the twinkle lights!

  12. Hello Lynne, what a trooper your aunt is! Our decorations are down too, its all very sad. I did put some twinkly lights in a jar though! My thoughts and prayers are with you, with love, Linda x

  13. What an amazing uplifting story! I'm so glad she's turned the corner! I have family facing medical issues as well right now and it really puts things into perspective. Here's to more miracles this year... xo