Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday shoes ...and the rest of the give a way!

last Saturday, we were living in one big slushy here in the PacNWest. the slush is 
gone.  for the past couple days it has been cold and crispy clear!
 crispy clear forecast =  grey flannel boots! 
no fancy schmacy here. 
i found them two years ago, HALF PRICE, at a local sporting goods store.

~ * ~

this morning, i decided to try  a new breakfast!
i had never eaten a broiled grapefruit! 
after seeing photographs of this take on the morning treat on 
Pinterest and various blogs, it was due time for me to go for it! i dusted 
it with some brown sugar and popped it in the oven!

you might be thinking...Lynne, this is pretty simple. why haven't you tried this before?  .
here is the answer.

 the inspiration from blogging is a daily reminder to do and try things that i have never tried before. 

since this was spur of the moment, i didn't have a maraschino cherry on hand.
( grapefruit is usually photographed with a maraschino cherry in the center.)
the walnuts were a perfect substitute!  

you may have noticed the Somerset Life bookazine next to my breakfast.
( i moved it out of my place setting immediately after the photograph.) 
in my post yesterday, i mentioned  that i found something special at Barnes and Noble. 
i also mentioned that i drew a second name
on glassybaby give a way day. i am so very excited to give a copy of this
 beautiful publication 
to Linda 

Linda...please email your address to me!

(oh!...the broiled grapefruit with walnuts was YUMMY! 
it was worth the 50 +  wait!)

thank you all for your daily inspiration 
and for lifting me at sunrise!

have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Looks delicious
    I am thrilled Linda at flowers on my table won your giveaway. She is one of my favourite bloggers

  2. I haven't had broiled grapefruit in a long time, Lynne. Sounds good! And congrats to your newest winner! xoDiana

  3. Congrats to Linda! I love her blog. I've never tried broiled grapefruit but it sounds yummy (brown sugar on anything sounds good to me!) have a wonderful weekend! Xo

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  5. Oh Lynne thankyou I am so excited! I have often seen this magazine in Blogland and would love to look inside one. Now I am getting my very own!!! You are so generous.

    I have been away from the computer for a few days, so I missed your post! I have had grilled grapefruit it is delicious. I like the sound of walnuts on it. I like your flannel boots, but then I am a practical sort of girl.

    Thankyou for your kind comments on my latest post. I will e-mail my address. Have a great week, with much love, Linda x