Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winterplace...home is where...

your heart  hat is!

~ via pinterest~

i know many that of you live in warm

climates. however, warm or cold

i am spying trapper hats everywhere!

i have watched this trend evolve over the

past couple years.

some are silly / trendy

and worn by teens and tweens!
most are hot warm ~ practical, and have 

 hit in the mainstream a la 

Banana R., Urban Outfitters, Target and JCP!

this one is tagged East Coast Chic!

silly, practical, chic, authentic...

they are all over the place!

but my favorite...most loved trapper hat off all...




sweet noggin of

my dear Holland Grace!

(Mama Chrislyn also looks very nice in her Winter cloche)

what hat are you wearing today?

Snow? did I hear the "s" word here in the PacNWest?

~via pinterest~



  1. I have so much thick,heavy hair that I seldom wear a hat-even in snowy I love the ones you show here-especially on that baby girl! xo Diana

    ps...just a note- do you know that you have word verification that you have to type in a scrambled word to leave a message? just askin....

  2. I have noticed the trapper hats, too!! What is up with that? Last Saturday we ate a late breakfast at IHOP in Waco and there was a guy in a 'muscle' shirt, cargo shorts and a fur TRAPPER HAT! Makes for interesting people watching. I don't have one myself.....yet!

  3. I love hats although I never wear them. I think with my short hair, I look silly.
    I've been seeing trappers hats everywhere too. Lots of kids wearing them at school. Cute!

  4. Hmmm.... I could use some of those warm hats and socks here in Saskatchewan. It's cold and snowing!!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
    xo Catherine

  5. With the exception of dear Miss H I have two words: Elmer Fudd. :)