Thursday, January 19, 2012's another morning at the farm table... under the chandie...a bit of French bread...

a view of our dining room from the kitchen sink.  our red phone is vintage
 PB. the Chocolate Gousse's  puppy chow is kept in the Ikea can! the chandie
looks very drum~like with it's upholstery ticking makeover for January.

the has snow stopped falling...
it's soooo frozen outside. most of the buses are not running. Mr D
drove into work this morning. he called and advised me to wait a bit before
going in to the office. i'll be commuting to work around 11:00 am, with my dear 
friend Helen. she has a 4 wheel drive vehicle, which is helpful in icy conditions.

last night, on the national news they were reporting how a few inches of
snow paralyses western Washington. it's mainly because we do not have adequate
road equipment and we dwell among steep hills.  when you cross the Cascade
Mountains into eastern Washington, it's a whole different story. they have much 
more snow than we do, which justifies the need for snow equipment. 

this morning i gathered some inspiration on the farm table. i had some natural
 black wool (which is really dark taupe) that i needed to wind into balls. i 
accomplished the winding with my coffee this morning.

i  then decided to grab some needles and cast on a few stitches for a winter scarf.

also on the table, i placed two of my favorite books from French General.

"Handmade Soirees"

and "Hand Sewn"
Hand Sewn has an envelope filled with beautiful patterns
inside the front cover!

our table holds today's inspiration. 
i hope that you have the loveliest day!
it's time to get ready for the Northwest trek to the office...MUSH!


very over priced...but inspiring...

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  1. What a sweet peek into your WA morning. Love it! We have snow, but what we really have this morning is bitter cold. It is almost noon and still below zero. I have NO idea what the wind chill temp is here..but the wind is howling in off the Bay. I hope you have a good day at work and safe travels. xo Diana

  2. Love your dining room! Beadboard is gorgeous!
    That red phone brings back memories of the same one we had growing up but it was green! I love it Lynne!
    Pamela xo

  3. Happy snow day my dear friend!
    I love French General! I have one of these books...hmmm...must search for it and see what treasures I have forgotten!
    Have a wonderful day and stay warm and safe!
    Hugs and much love from here

  4. You have the prettiest posts in blogdom!!! So artistic and simply beautiful! I want to knit! I did years ago and I so need to begin again. I have a friend who carries her knitting everywhere with her. She has offered to get me started again.

    I enjoy your every post!!

  5. Hello Lynne, your dining room looks so cosy, I am sure you did not want to leave it and face the weather. I love the burlap cloth and the antlers,so rustic, you could be in a swiss chalet. The book looks very beautiful and as for the embroidered cloth...mmmm! My mum was called Myrtle and her best buddy was Muriel, so we kids called them M&M, they would have loved that cloth! Have a great weekend, and I hope the weather improves. (It's rainy here...surprise, surprise!)Love Linda x

  6. I have this book ... and LOVE it!

    your red phone is to die for!

  7. Many years ago I visited French General shop and it is just wonderful and I still have one of her cans of Lavender Laundry. Her books are magnificent. Your posts are so very pretty!

  8. The light is beyond amazing.

  9. I saw all the snow that fell in Washington on the surprised I was, since we have only about an inch here and I'm in Minnesota. I'm sure I'll be getting a bunch before I know it though. This post feels very cozy with your talk of snow and the balls of yarn. Hope you have a nice weekend :)

  10. Hello

    So glad to have discovered your blog. Found you over at Savvy City Farmer (a dear friend) I love your posts, I have gone back and read a few and you are awesome in your content and your writing. Loved it. I am one of your new followers as of today!M.A. oxox