Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winterplace...making a kitchen journal...

there are a few art supplies needed for the course.
i plan to visit Michael's this week.

i couldn't let the lack of a few art supplies get in the way of making my
first journal. i dug around my craft junk room and found this old  government
 ledger that i bought for $5.00  a couple of years ago.

the last entry in this book was on November 13, 1960.

i gathered some Grandmother's teaspoons, an old button,
my ticket to ascend the Eiffel Tower on July 1, 1996, and the sterling
silver charm, that i chose as my souvenir of the ascent.
one of my favorite items to purchase at Ikea is the 79 cent  Tekla
dish towel.  i opened up the drawer in the kitchen and found one
without a stain. i was going to do some hand stitching on it before i
applied it to the cover of the book.
( hence the pinning... i actually tried, but did not like
the effect, so i ripped it out.)

i just looked around the kitchen and played with what i found.
do you recognize the green circle and the little tag with the red love knot?
i took them from my Herbs of  Provence jar!  i also chose a couple of
business cards from two of our favorite Washington State wineries.
oh!!! my MAMA BISCOTTI  postmark!

i can tuck daily inspirational quotes and grace notes
between Grandmother's spoons!

my Eiffel Tower ticket  is attached with a mini clothes pin from  Ms B. at Besotted.

i could not glue it! i love to see both sides! i love to hold it!
 i also love that it's an
 arrow that points to... " let's see what's inside"!

it's good to go! time to whoop it up!
i'm journalling!!!!!!
(oops, it's another word made up, according to google)
 somehow the movie What about Bob? comes to mind.
now i'm sailing smiling!

happy Sunday!


i'm linking up today...


  1. You are off to a great start! What a treasure! I love everything. especially the spoons!


  2. I just LOVE it! What a wonderful journal...and it includes so many special things/moments in your life...from past generation to's perfect. What About Bob is one of our all time family favorite movies. xo Diana

  3. How perfectly lovely!! It is a BEAUTIFUL journal and you will enjoy filling the pages with all sorts of delightful writings and memories of 2012. A true heirloom to be prized and treasured!

  4. Love this so much!!! Love all the little special things you included and I love that you are using the ledger! Great job.

  5. I love what you have chosen. I am in the class too. I am loving it but am behind as I had a crazy week. I plan to catch up today.


  6. That is really cool Lynne. How do you get the spoons to stay without dragging the fabric with their weight? I love those teatowels too! I must say though that I liked the ledger as it was also. Using the label off the herbs de provence jar was inspired! Keep up the good work, love Linda x

  7. The towel is glued to the top of the ledger, the spoons are glued to the towel. I used a tacky glue, not hot glue.
    Linda,I agree about liking the ledger as it was. I had to think twice before covering it!
    Thanks for visiting!

  8. This is beautiful!!!! I found those tea towels from Ikea also!!! I thought it was a wonderful buy for .79!!! Have a wonderful day my friend!!


  9. Beautiful, Lynne! I hope Jeanne Oliver offers another e-course as I wasn't able to participate in this one! :( I think she is truly lovely. Thanks for linking with my party. That 'rendre grace' tag looks familiar. :)